Sunday, April 15, 2012

he-man: noun, informal

A strong, virile man


Well, as usual I am ahead of the game, as it is Day 4 of the UBP for me!
 How do I do these things??...over excited?,me!...ambitious?....uhm, me! over achiever?...oh yeah ME!
lol, ok so now I know how I get ahead of myself! lol
But whatever day it is for you, welcome to my blog, browse, leave a comment, run away in terror....:0

And if you're a know that little know phenom called Pinterest...heard of it? You have? Well then, stop by on the 19th for Project Pinterest where everyone shows what they created from the countless hours, time well spent pinning all those fabulous ideas!
 No matter how big or how small!

for my photography gals:

These pictures were taken at Pearsons Falls, located in the foothills of North Carolina. Beautiful place to hike, extremely scenic and well taken care of by the Tryon Garden Club. I have another post where I was taking pictures through the knot holes on the fence using a low aperture setting and if you want to view that post then please go here.

But we had "home work" to do on this hike which was to show motion and stop motion. If you want an easy practice I suggest photographing an over head fan so you have a continuous moving object to focus on using various shutter speeds, you can go to this page which is where I practiced mine. ( I don't recommend doing it in a restaurant unless you have a lot of like minded individuals also doing the same thing! HA! )...innocent look...

So first picture shows motion. It's close to "smilky" ( as my instructor calls a combination between smooth and silky for running water ). I haven't achieved the true smilky version yet, but I was excited none the less to get this.

showing motion aka smilky
Ok, first off, we are using Shutter Priority on the camera settings
shutter speed is 1/15 seconds ( set low to let the motion flow )
aperture is set at 8.00 ( that way everything is focused )
ISO set at 80

stop motion
Still in Shutter Priority
shutter speed is 1/1000 second ( set high to capture motion as still )
aperture at 3.60 ( was focusing more on the water for a crisper shot )
ISO set at 400

I also bought this book, Great Waterfalls of North Carolina by Neil Regan and plan to check off as many waterfall/hikes as I can. I'm thinking of making a tag to attach to the waterfall page with any details, like date accomplished, flowers blooming, etc.

and for my card enthusiasts:
And another male birthday card for my May Craft show...entered into the The Shabby Tea Room Week 109 Birthday Bash where we are to use a cupcake in our design.

I honestly wasn't planning on entering this challenge as I don't usually combine male birthday cards up with cup cakes, but I thought this paper had a manly feel to it, plus I added some twine threaded into the design to 'he-man' it up a bit, lol I also pop dotted the one triangle up for dimension and added some ink along the edges for grunge.

Here's hoping your day is as wonderful as you are!


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...great photography Sandee it's amazing how you can achieve so many different effects with add-ons to your camera...loVe your beautiful card...I'm working on a cupcake design at the mo too...Mel :)

Inkyfingers said...

Wow those photos are awesome Sandee and deserve to be framed! I also love your cupcake card - I find it so hard to come up with masculine cards and this is great - I love the little knots.

Pat N. said...

Nice man card, Sandee! And I always enjoy looking at your photos. They're terrific. The stills of the water look cool!--Pat N.

purple_pea_fran said...

Such a lovely card! Thanks for joining The Shabby Tearoom this week.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The water shots are amazing! You are a very talented lady!

Pat N. said...

Sandee, please stop by my blog--I took some photos today of our backyard wildlife!--Pat

Erin K said...

I had to come see your blog after you checked out mine via the blog party. And I'm totally loving all of your photography! Can't wait to see more! And I LOVE North Carolina. We have family in Charlotte and visit periodically. so pretty!

Pat N. said...

Thanks for your comments Sandee. I laughed when you said Shorty? Yes, that's what my husband has been calling him; he thinks a fox may have got him, but Shorty got away! Oh yes, we have a fox that sleeps in our yard too. We usually see him further out in the yard by a tree in the morning.--Pat

Wendy @ E-1-A said...

Love your photos... I had a fairly good camera and was loving taking photos with it but the zoom getting getting stuck. I had it repaired but something went wrong with it again and it was going to be too expensive to repair one more time. It's a shame 'cos it was a fab camera (when it worked)!!!!