Saturday, April 21, 2012

confessional booth: noun

A small enclosed stall in which a priest hears confessions

Ok, I know I am relatively new to the whole mixed media thing going on around me. My mixed media consists of, "oh I got paint AND ink on my fingers at the same time"! And..."let's add gesso" have been added to my vocabulary..and hey, I am feeling like I am a mixed media artist....I mean, I'm even doing an altered book via Elizabeth's class over at Altered Book Lover! I got my big girl panties on folks...I am ....

HEY, is someone sniggering out there?...I can hear you, ya know! lol ;)

Confession time: ( like I don't confess enough as it is, sometimes I think I should have my blog set up like a booth....but I here it first time watching Donna Downey....there I said it, I admit it....and I just love her personality, she is sooooooooooo much fun to watch as the art itself!
So here, for anyone else that hasn't watched her Inspiration Wednesday videos before...and psssttt...I won't tell on you! Sit back, grab a bag of pop corn and enjoy:



And I want to say a big thank you to Ann from Redanne for sending me this adorable little altered tin. As most of you know I have been making a mermaid altered book and this just fits in with my sea theme. I LOVE this little seahorse all nestled into the seaweed! CUTE!! She is just the sweetest person for taking the time to send it to me too!


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Deb's Pen Pot said...

Oops, what a silly twit I am! A rather embarrassing faus pas there, Sandee - my apologies! How sweet of Ann to send you that altered tin - where will it and your AB live when it's finished? Best wishes, Deb x

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, I love Donna Downey too, have been following her for a while now - she is the reason I do NOT do much mixed media, as my work seems so inadequate. I am so glad that you like my little sardine tin and it was a pleasure to send it to a charming lady like you. I love your blog, you always make me smile! Anne x

Karen said...

What a beautiful present to receive, the tin is absolutely gorgeous and I just adore the little seahorse :)

Have a lovely weekend, Luv Karen xx

Ann B said...

Would I snigger? Come on, tell, how did you hear me across all that water?
Well I wasn't sniggering I was smiling at your description of mixed media as it sounds just like me.

Loved the Donna Downey video, never seen any before, although I do know who she is, and the page she created has a massive 'WOW' factor.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Ann B

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The video was really interesting! I have not run across this artist before--I'll have to check out some of her other videos! Thanks!

The seahorse tin is adorable!

Hettie said...

Interesting post to read tonight Sandee. Glad you have comfy big knickers on!! That made me laugh!

Lisa Richards said...

What a cute use for a sardine tin! I love the idea of the inspirational videos, though I'm not so much a fan of the "grunge" style, hee, hee! But thanks for sharing. Good excuse to eat some popcorn! :D

May said...

Fab video.... What a lovely gift from Anne, its simply stunning... Hugs May x x x

Inkyfingers said...

Mixed media seems so frightening to me because my art teacher at school though so little of my artistic efforts that he made me the brush and water monitor. I therefore spent all my lessons washing brushes and giving fresh water to everyone, so I never got to paint! Stamps, ink and paper have been the way to express my artistic urges, but who knows, maybe one day I will progress to paint.

That little seahorse tin is awesome and I love the wreaths you have made too Sandee.

Terrie said...

I'm totally loving embracing my inner mixed media artist - there are just so many things to play with. Lucky you to have received that little seahorse tin - it's perfect with your book theme. I've followed Donna for awhile and always enjoy her videos -