Monday, April 2, 2012

documenting: transitive verb

To support (an assertion or claim, for example) with evidence or decisive information.

Week's #4 lesson over at Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover is about glues and gesso. I thought I would post a picture of all the glues I used during this lesson. I cannot name a favorite as they are all so different from each other, but I have learned 3 things:
1. You can use gesso as a glue. I always thought it was just something to cover stuff up with.
2. I can use my Embossing Paste as a glue...interesting, now will use this finally! lol
3. Helamrs Acid free White glue is great for gluing down lightweight paper and is easier to spread to the outside edges of paper better than my Aleene's.

Now I planned on trying to make this post not too picture intensive so I broke it down into sections and posted each section separately so I'll give you the topic and link for #2 - #6 and if you want to go check it out you can. Just click on the picture and it will take you to that specified post.
 How does that sound?

Our homework for week 4
1. Create at least three double glued pages using different glues of your choice. I suggest glue stick, white glue, gel medium, and possibly Mod Podge. Document how each of these glues behaved when you worked with them.
I used a gluestick, Embossing Paste, Helmars Acid Free Glue and Gesso. There really isn't a need to show a picture of each one as I got the same results from all of them. None of them buckled or rippled the pages. They are all smooth, fairly flexible and did a great job. I guess I liked the glue stick better just because it was the least messy. I documented each glue I used by writing on the page itself:

2. Create one double glued page using gesso. Document how it behaved when you worked with it. ( click on the picture for details on the page )

3. I suggest using tags made from your choice of materials to document each of the above adhesives. ( now I chose not to use my tags to document my glued pages, but I did make a couple of them. ) The first tag "Dive Deep" also talks about the "seahorse tag" so I just linked the first picture.

4. Create a double page spread using gesso as both the background AND the glue to which you will add your page elements and embellishments. ( for some reason I am having a problem with linking the picture to the post, so here is the direct link to it )

5. Find at least one way to use white glue as a major ingredient in a technique for a page you will either add to your AB, or on a page that is already in your AB.
 ( once more, picture provides link )

6. A spread that includes any type of glue or adhesive will be considered an added bonus.
( I bet you got it by now but just in case, click on picture )

What I learned that wasn't part of the lesson?
1. Evidently I am a messy gesso'er and every time I had to gesso a page after one that was already completed I ended up getting gesso on my finished page. I'm trying to now gesso ahead so I won't ruin any more pages.
2. No matter how hard I try, I still don't like my handwriting. I thought since this was a mix media that I wouldn't mind my writing being on the page, but I still don't like it.
3. Stickers are harder to adhere on a bumpy surface.

OK, on to lesson #5...excited? I am!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

the colors are so awesome! great job

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What surprised me about this post is you found each of the glues to be equally acceptable and flexible. I have a LOT of problems with white glue, mod podge, and gesso. My favorite is gel medium, with my second fav being glue stick. Seems you have no real favorites. I would say you did something really, really right and I am doing something really, really NOT RIGHT!! Thanks SO much for linking. Be sure to read your star status on the other post!

elle said...

You are very organized and this adds lots of extra info. So happy to meet you and I'll be back to catch up on the previous lessons. Your work is wonderful.

Michelle - A Pisces Out of Water said...

Those pages are beautiful! I went and checked out these lessons and I'm so intrigued!! I always want to do stuff like this but don't feel creative or artsy enough.

Helen said...

I think your pages look amazing, I have done very little decorating in my book so far (good job there are no rules, right!)

Terrie said...

Love the progress on your book - my results are very similar; I didn't notice a lot of difference between the glues either. My post will likely be up tonight so pop on over and check it out. I love your sea theme - sure has lots of possibilities.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think I checked these all out on previous posts, but just in case, let me say again they are awesome.

Hettie said...

Well done Sandee. I am sooo behind on this but I will catch up...some day!!

Mari K. said...

It looks really great and I think your handwriting looks just fine :)

Jacqueline said...

Your book is so pretty! LOVE those colours!

Thaks for sharing,

Jackie x

HeARTworks said...

Wow! Aren't you a STAR pupil! Well done! Patsy from