Monday, June 11, 2018

Prompt want me to do what?? a page out of your journal and take it outside...

do what??

oh you mean to take a picture of it?
(shakes head no) admire it outside?
(shakes head no)

Looks around...

to leave it just ...outside?
(nods yes)

no no no no no no no NO...I won't...
OK, I'll tuck it in my birdcage that sits outside on my balcony, I think I can handle that...

So yeah, that was my reaction today to the second prompt on the challenge, lol 

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

prompt 1 for #thestencilfiedjournal

Been making LOTS of art with my new stencils,
 this has been such an exciting time for me, to become a stencil designer. 💗💗💗
I know I become over-excited so I'll try and curtail my enthusiasm by just saying, if you want to see all my art journal pages you can visit my IG page. I even learned how to post an IG widget on my sidebar of my blog showing recent posts.

 I am also playing along with the #thestencilfiedjournal which gives you a prompt each week for 16 weeks, this weeks prompt are circles. I used the gears stencil for my circles over an old mono-printed back ground and then just doodled the heck out of it with miniature circles and dots.

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