Wednesday, November 18, 2015

a different gift tag

...well, different for me's like a paper tag, I mean I stamped on it and added embellishments to it like I would if it was a paper tag, and in a way it is like paper cause it's made out of Creative Paper Clay!

Inspired by the colors over on the Unity Stamp blog {be inspired} challenge

Susan K. Weckesser stamp - The Garden Whatnot Collection

You can visit the Arnold Grummer blog to see a short video of me making the tag itself out of Creative Paper Clay if you would like :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Read with a grain of Salt...and a margarita

I love making sassy/snarky quote books for my friends, and they seem to love them too. They are meant to make you smile and laugh not to hurt or offend anyone!!

I picked out on of my favorite pages from the book to enter into 

I love tearing away the top layer of corrugated cardboard to reveal all that yummy texture. I added some tissue paper, a little bit of torn gelli prints, washi tape, stencils and a cutout from a magazine and finished it off with my own handwriting. The other page has the exact same elements except it uses a stamped image instead of a magazine image.

IF you want to see the rest of the book: I made a short slideshow of it.