Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gwen Lafleur Artist Tribe!

Pinch me!

I'm very excited to announce that I am now in the artist tribe! You can read about everyone HERE!

 You really need to check out all the funky global-eclectic supplies that Gwen collects and sells, very unique items! You can also check out her stencil designs HERE over at StencilGirl where she is a designer.

And look at how everything arrives from her store! I don't know about you, but my first thought was "How pretty, like getting an early birthday present!"...followed closely with "ooooh, collage materials!" Actually in hindsight, I'm not sure which thought came first!

And I'll give you a sneak peek into the contents, you will be seeing more of this as I truly explore all my goodies!

I hope you visit Gwen's store and also welcome the new team!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Artist insomnia

So...the story goes like day ( a couple of years ago ) I was trying to make a canvas based on Typography, and it was a big heaping pile of... failure. So there...that's out in the open!
 I don't even remember what the bottom letters spelled out, but it was some kind of message about love...blah,blah...

I hauled it out a couple of weeks and did an acrylic pour over it hoping to cover everything up and well,
 that turned out so bad I didn't even take a photograph of it, lol 
Yeah...there's that out in the open too.

Then last Saturday night I decided to just add paint... and basically anything else I could get my hands on. I even used a die cut flower that was on the floor under my desk...yep, slapped that puppy on and added more paint, more stenciling, and more mark marking. ( I was trying to channel Mary Beth Shaw )...

Now if you are looking at the face...well...truth be told I actually used the actual stencil itself. Yep, it was that kind of day, I glued that sucker right on the canvas.
Woman of Mystery stencil by Pam Carriker

8-ish pm
Now I've decided to start work on bringing the woman out a little, decided she can't be shy hiding in all those layers of paint! I'm thinking I need one large scribbly word next to her...must sleep on that one and see what tomorrow brings.

Now, I always have best intentions to sit on a piece and really think about it but sometimes I can't even sleep overnight on it and I find myself crawling out of bed to go work on it. That's what happened last night!

The next morning I always worry about seeing what I did when I "sleep paint"...that's what I call it when I get out of bed, groggy but determined to put an idea to use. After looking at the above picture I knew I had to knock back to white lines around her face, but otherwise I was very happy with how it turned out. Now to see if she
In the meantime, I am entering this in
Paint Party Friday
"Divine Messenger" 
And some close of shots of the texture 💕my favs!

Image may contain: text

  • A face 👍
  • Papers (newspaper, printed paper, rice paper…etc.) 👍
  • Letters, numbers 👍
  • Blue for the colour of the European Union, Union Jack... 👍
  • Ribbon, twine, string or lace…
  • Textures – take inspiration from history from ancient civilizations to the fall of the Berlin Wall 👍
  • Something both vintage and modern

Friday, August 4, 2017

One door closes and another one opens

As sad as it is to say that July's watercolor month has come to end I am happy to report a new adventure begins for me. I have received a couple of commissions to do my Vingette Art from a couple of people and that really excites me! I was only doing "Pierson's Great Adventures" to write and illustrate a small book for my grand-nephew to give to him at Christmas but I get to continue on working away at what I love!
How lucky am I?

day 29
Currently the last of Pierson's adventures BUT I am hoping to write that book
( just for him ) so hopefully, you will see more of that in the future

"I am 3! Hear me Roar!"
day 30
starts the work on my commissioned piece

day 31
Pen work rates as one my favorite things to do! I love how it really brings out the details and makes everything pop!

As #WorldWatercolorMonth is over, I've decided I'll be continuing on with my weekly posting of art instead of blogging every day...
and so this begins August

day 1
Finished "The Little Mermaid" and I love how it turned out.
I swear I could keep this for myself it's so darn cute!
"Little Mermaid"

day 2
Started on the next one...
it's too dark right now so I'll work on lightening it up some.

day 3
much better and I've decided she will be a fairy in this one!

day 4
And the second one is completed...not sure which one I like the most, but I can say this, I'm pretty darn happy with them both!
"Moon Child"
Oh and I finally got a proper phone and now have an Instagram account. Talk about teaching an old dog some new tricks, whew! I never knew hashtagging was like an Olympic sport! lol

Friday, July 28, 2017

#WorldWatercolorMonth Pierson's Great Adventures week 4

I am entering my daily art in Paint Party Friday and I want to thank everyone that stops by and leaves me their comments. I do try and return them and I hope I didn't miss anyone!!
 Last week a couple of you picked your favorite, and that was fun too! 😍
 I really enjoyed the fact that most of you liked the one I least liked, lol
 So, I would love to hear your thoughts again this week!!
Got a favorite, let me know!

day 28
"The Mountains are Calling"

day 27
Dance like no one is Watching
day 26 

day 25
"Shoot for the Moon"

day 24
"Look what I found"

day 23
"I need snow"

day 22
This last one has been a real struggle for me, I guess because it's a landscape and as much as I love doing landscapes, they don't turn out the way I want them to...but I keep trying. I worked from the photograph I took back in Nov. 2016...I tried to do it "plein air" style back then but that was trashed and I decided to try again.
Taken from the patio of Grove Park Inn, Asheville 

I'm a little bit behind in doing a water color every day and I might just have to be OK with that. Just one day though...maybe I could make that up?...or not, lol
I had a friend visit me, and we went to see The Little Mermaid play and had a fabulous fancy dinner complete with what seemed to be our own personal Harpist since she was playing right next to us.

ALL art painted with my ColourArte Twinkling H20's...
their on sale right now too...just saying!

Twinkling H20s -Watercolors 15% off 

I hope everyone has a lovely and art filled week-end!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Great Adventures of Pierson -week 3 #WorldWatercolorMonth

Best laid plans and all...
I'm a day behind, I've had company in town so I hope I can catch back up real soon, in the meantime here are the latest that I am linking up with in

day 20

day 19
"On top of the World"
day 18
"I can hear the mermaids"
( video )
day 17
"A boy and his dragon"
day 16
day 15
"Pucker-up Prince Charming"

Thursday, July 20, 2017

StencilGirl & Imagine blog hop

June Pfaff Daley, one of the StencilGirl designers asked if we could make an ATC to trade with her kids at art camp. Of course I wanted to!! I am thrilled anytime I get to participate with children so I made her 4 ATCs and I also made myself an art journal page to go along with the ATCs I made to commemorate the experience.

Products used:

StencilGirl stencils:
LittleEddy Rose Stencil by MaryBeth Shaw
Angel Circle Stencil by Kate Thompson
TurkishWedged Stones by Daniella Woolf
WheelSpokes Set #2 by  Andrew Borloz
January Stencil club small stencil by MaryBeth Shaw

Imagine® Products I used:
Craft Mat
Multi-Purpose Squeegee

I love the Brushtix for stenciling and used them recently (3 different ways!!) when I made my ATC booklet. I made a video of the booklet itself and you can see it HERE.

I made a short slide show/video of my process just to make it easier for you to see rather than posting all the pictures :)

 Hope you enjoy watching it!

AND I made a video of me cleaning my craft
...yes, you read that correctly 😉
Have you ever seen someone so excited to clean a mat off?
You have now, 😜

One lucky winner will receive both a $25 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products
AND a $25 Gift Certificate to Imagine Crafts!
Visit the fabulous designers from both teams and comment for your
chance to win!
The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN!
(One comment per blog please.)
You have until Sunday, July 23rd at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.
Winner will be announced on
StencilGirl's Facebook page and Imagine’s Facebook page
on Monday, July 24th.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hahnemühle, #Hahnemühle, #Cézanne, #WorldWatercolorMonth

I was very fortunate to have Hahnemühle send me a Cézanne
300 gsm - 100% rag - surface sized - matt, rough and hot pressed block to play with. If you have never painted on a block before, the Pads are glued and gauzed to ensure flatness when wet. This makes them especially suitable for wet painting techniques like watercolor – especially when you are using techniques like glazing and/or color washing. I used my ColourArte shimmering iridescent  H20s twinkling watercolors to create this superimposed piece of art. I loved the that the surface sizing allowed me to easily correct their mistakes, like I had to on the seagulls that I painted in the sky. 
I was only happy with the bottom seagull

 But after the video ended I went back and "lifted" out the mistakes and was able to correct them...well, at least to the point where I liked all three much better now!

Now, honestly, I don't know a whole lot about watercolor papers but I loved painting on the Matte surface!

Matte surfaces
Matte surfaces are used for delicate paintings and are suitable for beginners because of their slightly irregular surface that impacts only slightly on brush control and paint flow. These surfaces can be recommended for all watercolour painters who like to work with fine details.
Users can obtain full brush strokes in the wet in dry technique and even glowing colour gradation using the wet in wet technique.