Friday, March 25, 2022

So many changes

 I'm painting rocks now, well, two so far. Anyway, it is fun, I can see why people like to do it. The only thing that held me back from doing it, were the rocks themselves. Where I use to live, only ugly rocks lived there. lol You know what I mean. Then I moved to my new house and come to find out, the land my house sits on use to be a rock quarry. I now have a plethora of beautiful, smooth rocks to choose from, mostly round-ish, which is why I seem to be attracted to shaped rocks. I mean, I'm not happy unless I make it difficult on myself it seems. <insert sigh> So, I keep a look out for heart shaped rocks of any size, as long as it has a good natural heart shape to it.

This is the first one I painted, as a gift for one of my neighbors. 

Consider me hooked.

I had so much fun painting that one that I decided to continue and make myself one...

This is one I painted for myself to consecrate the buying of the house. On the front of the rock is my design along with the closing date of the house. 

On the sides I wrote a house blessing:
Cleanse this space,
remove the past,
I found my happy home at last.

Oh yes, I can see how this can be a fun hobby!

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