Monday, September 3, 2018

For the love of paper!

Howdy everyone out there in blogger land, hope you are doing well and staying cool! I've been absent for awhile but oh so busy arting and one of the things I have been up to is making paper by hand. I'm back on the Arnold Grummer design team so be ready to be submersed in some awesome papermaking.

Out in the garage...errr...."Paper Studio" with Stefanie - Oakmother's Handmade Paper 

Technique to try out:
"The origin of the water part of a watermark can be found back when a watermark was something that only existed in paper, at that time the watermark was created by changing the thickness of the paper and thereby creating a shadow/lightness in the watermarked paper. This was done while the paper was still wet/watery and therefore the mark created by this process is called a watermark."

Stefanie uses a dip method creating paper with her handmade deckles, which means she dips her deckle into a vat of paper pulp.

 We both watched the Arnold Grummer video before joining up to make paper so we each had an idea of what we wanted to try out. Stefannie had a plethora of ideas to experiment with.

She used a hot glue gun to create one of her signature Oak leaves with. 

It did pretty well but she said the glue lifted a little after being in the water . 

Next she tried the wire method of twisting wire together to form a shape and the sewing it to the screen. 

In hindsight she noticed that the "stem" to the leaf was too thick and that she wished she had clipped off one of the wires instead of twisting them together.

However, a little patting down while the pulp was still wet and the problem was fixed.

Now I only played with the plastic lettering and mine is much more G rated, lol but please do visit the Arnold Grummer blog to see what I created.