Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Winter Wreath to chase away the "blahs"

This year I'm gonna' chase away the winter blahs 

 with my beautiful, brightly colored Sari ribbon wreath.

It was very easy to do, I just wrapped the ribbon around a styrofoam wreath base and used straight pins to hold it in place. The peacock feather quill was slipped in between the wrapped Sari trim and the flower stem was simply pushed into the styrofoam base. Voilà, color me done!

This Sari ribbon has so many uses! The possibilities are endless, I bet you can think of some wonderful ways to use it!

 I could see using this trim to use as garland on your Christmas trees!

Or to decorate a table runner for a Holiday dinner party!

It makes my eyes light up every time I see it, although it won't be "officially" hung up for display until after Christmas.
 I do hope it brings a smile to all that pass through my door!

Check HERE to see what your front door says about you.
Even though I can't paint my front door a color I applied their results
to my wreath.
"According to Dionysian theory, a multi-colored door wreath indicates that a person of creative happiness” lives inside." 👍 check!

and then I really had a good laugh because:

"You are: Eclectic, joyful, meticulous. 
You didn’t score well on your math SATs, 
but you were the art teacher’s pet."
nailed it!  😎 

Gwen has many beautiful, eclectic and colorful selections
to help you express yourself!
So go ahead, tell the world who you are...I triple dog dare you!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Kawaii cute charms!

I'm up over on Rubbermoon's Artmosphere today 
( my very first post ) I do hope you join me and leave me some love.
Kwaii charms

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Friday, November 10, 2017

There's this and then there's that...

In case you have a problem with male nudity I am posting this double canvas that I created Monday and you can click to go here to that post to leave a comment which would be awesome if you so choose to do so.

In the meantime...
I returned back to my life drawing class which I hadn't been to since
August 1st...and I sure felt rusty.

Our session is broken down into segments of time and the model chooses his own poses. Jay likes to give us challenges...lol

These are the warm-up poses which last for 5 minutes each. I choose my  KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colour Pencils which was the first time I used them and I liked them although I still prefer Watercolor pencils overall.

Then we get a 10-minute pose, which I sang the tune of Spiderman in my head as he looked like he was climbing a wall. He was actually just leaning against it but yeah, that's where my mind went. lol

Another 10-minute pose

A 20-minute pose, again leaning against the wall. I need to remember to go back and draw a wall line to anchor the poses.

And the final pose which was a little over 45 minutes broken down into 2 sessions so we all get a break to stretch.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Be Yourself

"To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on."

Dave Pelzer

I named the piece "Be Yourself" in honor of the one little fish going it's own way, against the flow so to speak. Sometimes art has little stories to tell quite on their own accord as if they have their own voice and like the current of the ocean I float along with their story that unfolds before me.

The current is similar to an undertow which drags me along, influencing my emotions with thoughts of how I can bring out it's message? How to further it's cause? I came up with the idea (at least I think it was me and not the fish) to stamp "It is what it is" and "Imagine" around the edges of the frame. I juxtaposed the sayings to show how the statements relate to each other. 
The same and not the same.

I just love these brightly colored handmade Boho fish made by Gwen. They truly brighten up the panels with their own one of a kind art, accented with sari scraps, fibers, trims, rhinestones and stenciled designs.
 Each one is a piece of art on it's own accord.

 Even the dangly bits of the Kuchi trims are a joy as they really helped add movement to the seaweed. I love the assortment of colors and how much texture they created, definitely making their own unique mark in my art.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Be Merry holiday card

Welcome to the "Are you ready for the holidays?" blog hop...OK OK, it's not really called that, but seriously...
are you ready?
Well, have no fear, we have loads of inspiration waiting for you!

I love to send out personalized Christmas cards. 
I use to try and make everyone a one of a kind card but man, that's a lot of work! I've learned that I can make a unique card and then have it printed, this way they are still getting a custom card from me but with way less pressure...I mean I still have to decorate the tree, wrap presents and bake all those cookies...it's exhausting just thinking about it! So I hope this gives you the inspiration to make your cards but take some of the pressure off you!

Techniques that I used to make my card:
layering different stencils
reverse stenciling to get mirrored images

Check out my video so you can see how I incorporated them all!

We have a more than a dozen projects our Creative Team members made just to whet your appetite for the merriest season!
While you are busy oohing and aahing, take a moment to leave a comment on each blog and you'll be entered to win a $25 StencilGirl Gift Certificate!
Here are links to all the fantastic, magic, merry, holiday projects:

Comment by midnight CST in the USA on November 8th and we’ll randomly choose a $25 StencilGirl Gift Certificate winner. The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win. 
We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook Page on November 9th.
Please feel free to share the hop with your friends!

Three Trees Stencil by Jessica Sporn

Holiday Sayings 6 stencil by Mary Beth Shaw

Holly Mistletoe Repeating Stencil by Jennifer Evans

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Ho, ho, ho!