Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Stencil symbology

Hello everyone...long time, no see!
I haven't blogged in AGES, so bear with me dear readers, I'm a bit rusty! 
Lately, I've been working on my Moon Journal and I love using my  StencilGirl stencils and Rubbermoon/Art Foamies stamps. Today I am over on the  StencilGirl blog kinda explaining how I use symbology to illustrate the moon phases and my astrology charting. They call it Moonology and I love it...but that's another story, today is about the art.

StencilGirl Artistic Muse Card #1

Music Geek

ArtFoamies Triple Moon stamp

Rubbermoon Maybe It's the Moon

Surround Me With Art and Music process slide show which
is a no music, no talking step out video showing the creative process's just a phase.

Sandee  from

 Sandee's Artful Words