Thursday, August 30, 2012

introverted: adjective

a shy person
I hated the opening and everything about it. I wanted to leave after being there for 10 minutes. My excitement left me as quickly as a deflated balloon. I don't do well in one on one chats about my craft, which is why I signed up to rent a wall space, so that I don't have to talk to anyone. Is that bad? Oh well, if it is. It is me. I have come to embrace the inner introvert that resides in me. But here is a picture of me standing by my wall. The space behind is actually rented but the man hasn't finished it up.
I made this wall hanging for the following:
Perfect Sentiments Challenge - Anything Goes with a sentiment
Paper Playtime - Challenge 82 Polka Dots plus a sentiment
recycle, re-purpose & re-invent - Anything Goes
Reminisce - paper
Cloud 9 - sticker letters
Really Reasonable Ribbon - Hemp cord

The boards that I use for my wall hangings are chip boards that come from packaging, I love the fact that all my signs are made from re-purposed material, plus the witch's broom is made from left over floral stuff ( for lack of a better word ) that has been laying around for 3 years...'bout time it got used for something, huh? I happen to think it makes a perfect broom!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

busy as a beaver: colloquial expression

Someone who is very busy or hard - working
There is nothing on my desk this WOYWW Wednesday as I am down at the Art Mob studio putting the finishing touches on my display wall, we are all busy little beavers, getting ready for the grand opening on Thursday:

 Here is a sneak peak of my bio, and business card display. My bio is creatively put together as I am just loving altering brushes right now so I purposely bought a brush to use as I painted my wall to then use for my bio! lol Most everyone is making theirs into framed 8 1/2 x 11" sheets, but I prefer mine to be more jaunty and .....errr.....artful!! So far it's drawing a lot of positive attention :) So much so that I am going to alter some brushes for sale too!
A close up of the brush, you will see Tim Holtz products, stickles, candy crackle, brushed corduroy distress ink, and washi tape under the Really Reasonable Ribbon.
And my card holder, which I really wasn't going to even do, but I have read over and over how important it is to have business cards, so I made some on my computer and used a piece of plastic packaging that I cut in half and glittered the rim ( I think brads came in them originally )!
So please excuse me if I don't get around to many desks this week as I also have to make an hors d'oeuvres to take to the party. I'm so excited, I might pee in my pants! lol
::big grin::


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

artful: adjective

Exhibiting art or skill
Thank you everyone for your help, kind words of wisdom and encouragement. It meant so much to me that you took a moment to help me out by voting. Seriously, it means a lot to know that you are checking in on me by reading my blog. It's not much but it's important to me.
without further ado, the breakdown of the voting:
word for word  5
art in the heart  5
art from the heart  3
writing on the wall 1
back to the drawing board 1
get the word out 3
two cent's worth  3
famous last words  1
to the nth degree  3
thinking outside the box  3
runs with scissors  2
run amok  1
Sandee Setliff's Studio 2
la-di-da   1
stuff and nonsense    1
So the top choices were word for word or variations of art in/from my heart, so I decided to combine them into...
Sandee's artful words
Hope that you like it and I sure wish each and every one of you could be there with me for the grand opening on Thrusday, but look for plenty of pictures to come!!
The winner is #7
Jean said...
"How cool! I like Back to the Drawing Board!!! Can't wait to see your wall once it is done! "

Jean, e-mail me address at so I can send your prize to you :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

idiom: noun

stylistic expression: the style of expression of a specific person or group
I have rented a display wall in a gallery, called the Art MoB, which shows paintings, sculptures, jewelry, you name it! It's brand new, so the walls aren't finished but you get to do almost whatever you want, so here is my spot, where I had set up to paint my background space. It's only a 4 x 8' area, but I feel that's enough to start out with.   ( It's actually the smallest space they have, I think, lol )  They have a lot to complete but are madly working on it as the grand opening is Thursday! ...whew....This is something that has been on my bucket list, to be in a gallery or store, and I had to be "judged" to get in too....I was as excited when they accepted me as I am to be actually moved in!

So I need a name for my "business/wall", yikes, right? I have come up with some idioms, and would love to have you pick what best suits me, y'all know my style, my sense of humor, so who best to help me out? ( If you don't know, that's OK too, have a look around my blog to find out more! )
 I thought idioms would work well, since my wall signs are about quotes and my cards all have sentiments on them. Begin all of them with .....Sandee's....
like.... Sandee's too funny for words...
or...Sandee runs with scissors....
maybe.....Sandee has art in her heart.....

get the idea?
So from the following list, pick one that you like the best!
too funny for words
runs with scissors
art in my heart
diamond in the rough
a little bird told me
get the word out
back to the drawing board
chit - chat
coin a phrase
daft as a brush
famous last words
gild the lily
charmed life
in stitches
innocent under proven guilty
never-never land
off the record
on cloud nine
heart content
run amok
savoir faire
stuff and nonsense
such is life
die has been cast
to the nth degree
road less travelled
writing is on the wall
thinking outside the box
tit for tat
tongue in cheek
two cents worth
word for word

Sandee Setliff Studio
For helping me out, I am offering a small let me know what you think. I dying to hear it!
Thank you! :)
I'll announce the winner  and the name of my display wall/business that will be chosen on Tuesday!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

bucket list: noun

a list of things a person wants to do before they "kick the bucket" (i.e. die.)
Today was a great day, and if you come back tomorrow, after I get to take some pictures, and I'll tell you all about it ;) It's something I get to cross off my bucket list! yay!!
 I've taken a big creative leap...any guesses?
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you remember the beach lay out that I made ahead of time, before the vacation? Well, here it is with the pictures cropped in for it :)
And I got my prize from DCWV, and wowzers, they blew me away! I thought I had only won a single stack of papers but I won 3, and 2 of them are my favorites...... solid colors!! I am happier than a June bug! I would highly recommend going over there to their site and leaving a comment every day, that's how they pick their winners!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Minnie Pearl: comedienne 1912-1996

Pearl's comedy was gentle satire of rural Southern culture, often called "hillbilly" culture. Pearl always dressed in styleless "down home" dresses and wore a hat with a price tag hanging from it, displaying the price of $1.98. Her catch phrase was "How-w-w-DEE-E-E-E! I'm jes' so proud to be here!" delivered in a loud holler.
Embracing my inner Minnie Pearl
yep, that's what I kept thinking about while working on this project. Not that I think it's tacky or gawdy but knowing there are people out there who hate glitter, shine or bling... and those people make me feel guilty for loving the glam! I admit I wouldn't want to wear anything this beaded or glittered, well.....when I was a young girl I had dance recitals and I got to wear those costumes on stage....and OK, there was a short stint as a ballroom dance instructor as an adult where I wore costumes so beaded they weighed more than me....::eyes gazing over, drooling::

OK, enough already!!
 I am a rhinestone version of Minnie Pearl! lol
 I love every gawdy, tacky, beaded, gemstone and glitter element...I could wallow in it and be happy as a pig in slop!

So making this altered paint brush really brought it out in me. At first it was subdued, ladylike even as I decoupaged tissue paper and flowers, added can see the beginnings on the handle of the brush...very feminine, very soft....
and then BAM,
 the beading and glittering started, first it was the bristles of the brush where I spread stickles on...

attached the lace where I sewed the beads into the open holes, added a layer of medium and then married the beads over it. The butterfly that I triple layered ( with one paper and the other one gemstones ) with a finishing touch accompanied with the gemstone swirl. The word ART is nice and fuzzy to touch and I think it flows nicely with the paint brush theme.

I love a project like this that can be made as bumpy, or dimensional as possible. You can go wildly
entering this in
You can go here, to see ( gorgeous )paint brushes that have been altered for Donna's studio :) 
goodies that I used:
Daler Rowney gesso
Golden Matte medium
Prima butterfly, gemstone swirl, trim
Really Reasonable Ribbon lace, Hemp Cord
Ranger stickles
beads - misc.
American Craft Thickers - sticker letters
glue - Aleene's Tacky Glue, Glue Gun
Project Pinterest awaits you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

vichssyoise: noun

 is a thick soup made of pureed leeks,onions,potaoes,cream, and chicken stock. It is traditionally served cold
an interesting tidbit....
"The origins of vichyssoise are a subject of debate among culinary historians; Julia Child calls it "an American invention", whereas others observe that "the origin of the soup is questionable in whether it's genuinely French or an American creation".Wikipedia 
Last night we celebrated Barbara's birthday, Shirley had us over for a dinner and social hour ;)

We started off with champagne or wine ( of which I drank way too much wine and woke up during the night with a headache and dry mouth, 2 Advil Migraines and a glass of water and I was back to a very deep slumber, wine is powerful, lol ) with deviled eggs and shrimp for appetizers.

then first course which was light and creamy vichyssoise with green onions... and wine....
Then the main course a delicious curried chicken salad and grapes..more wine....
Laverne, Claire and the birthday girl Barbara :)
our hostess, Shirley :)
Barbara's showing off her tray that she got from Shirley, the bracelet I gave her is already on her wrist. Kay made this adorable hand knitted bracelet that I bought from her Etsy Shop, I hope you check it out :)
she also got this clever book from Marsha
A pound cake with a lemon custard and cream cheese frosting then stuffed with black berries, blue berries, strawberries and pineapple that I made. Everyone seem to like it :)
And I hope no one minds me saying that the highlight of my evening was the attention that I got from Kylie, I swear she is smiling at me! :) Does anyone have an, easyfree program for adjusting pet eyes? I know there are a lot of pet lovers out there!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

reciprocity: noun

 A mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges
Hi everyone, it will be short and sweet this week, I know, surprise! lol
I can do short and sweet...
~ Hey, whose giggling out there?

Anywhooo....I'm working on my paintbrush from Donna Downey's Altered Brush project...I can't wait to personally deliver it to her studio, if I am lucky I'll get to meet her too! ::crossing fingers:: Even if I don't get to meet her, I'm excited to see her new studio, sure wish I could afford to take some of her classes!

So WOYWW is all about reciprocity, go visit, leave a kind word and I'm sure there will be people visiting you too! hug! Now go on, get outta're making me blush ;)

And if you're a pinner, link up something you created at Project Pinterest!

throes: noun

any violent convulsion or struggle
I'm home!! yay!! It rained on and off all the way back, but other than a dreary day, the driving was fine!

I hate leaving my plants...I seriously do. Especially when my Fushia, who I have been bringing back from it's death throes a couple of months ago was in full bud when I left, and I was afraid I was going to miss it. But this is it...:) This is one of my "prima donna" plants.

Then, surprise, surprise, my Clematis which I brought home last August is also in full bud! I really didn't think it was going to bloom at all and come to find out that not all Clematis are spring blooming but that some are late summer/fall plants. I hope you can see all the tiny buds ;)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

snap: verb

To take ( a photograph )
Depending on your time zone, I will most likely be in the process of driving the 9 hours back home as you read this. I had a fantastic relaxing foot and hand massage at the Serenity Spa, I will miss those!

I went down to my favorite pier bar on the resort called Limes and had a peach margarita to drink while reading the second book in the Hunger Game series.
A young boy was feeding the seagulls and I got to snap a feeding frenzy! I felt like I was in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds" with them diving and squawking.

Then they settled down on the pier pilings to do a little people watching....

I ordered some dinner, fried macaroni and cheese, that was a new one for me, it was pretty good too!
Then I had another peach margarita, and really enjoyed the night skies, and got a pretty good picture of this guy standing in the light cast off from the pier. I even had people behind me watching me and one lady saying she wished she had her camera with her as it looked like the sun set, but it was just the reflections from the pier and resort lights...
There was a little boy next to me, asking a million questions as to what the bird was doing, and why was I taking it's picture, he was jumping up and down and swinging on the rope, I knew it would mess up the picture, but what the heck, he was real cute. I even like the
Then when my 10 seconds of fame had died down, I walked back to my room so I could do my laundry and pack, ( so nice to be able to return home with clean clothes!! ).
Farewell to Panama Beach....till next year :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012


large, tropical birds with long legs, webbed feet, long necks, downward-curving beaks, and bright pink or red feathers
Pause Dream Enjoy Challenge: #52 Flamingo Pink

Do you know what makes a Flamingo pink?..ok, so I cheated and looked it up, I thought it was because they ate shrimp...their pink, right? lol
"Flamingos eat little things, bugs and tiny shrimp, but they especially are fond of blue-green algae. It's what gives them their pink color."
This is my postcard to send to Terrie, who I promised I would make her one while down here in Florida and mail it from here, my deadline approaches fast! I think I am OK showing it on my blog as she is on vacation too and I don't think she will be checking my blog anytime soon...hopefully!

the front of the postcard:
I wish I had brought more with me, but I used my H20's, glitter pens and marker to create Terrie's postcard. I hope it makes it through the mail OK, I wish I had a sealant of some sort for it.
"seas the day"

the back of the postcard:
I drew the flamingo on this side to separate the address part of the postcard from the body, which I'll be filling in, now that I've taken a picture of it :)

It's actually sparkly, so I took this picture to try and capture the essence of the shine, if you click on it to make it larger then you can see the glimmer a little bit better:

Well, not sure if you miss any vacation pictures, but yesterday was kinda boring. I just stayed by the pool, and then we had rain in the afternoon, which is common for Florida. I got a little sun, but not too much ;) I tried to hunt out an interesting view from the balcony to shoot a picture, but didn't find anything worthwhile. Today, I have a foot massage scheduled ( yay, clapping hands!! lol ) and then my last night at Limes for drinks and dinner. Tomorrow I will be packing up and heading home, which is OK with me.

 I miss the mountains, and they are calling me home.

Friday, August 17, 2012

pod: noun

A group of dolphins
I had the best facial today, I could have one every single day if I could afford it :) Afterwards, I did decide to go walk downtown, although there isn't much to do there... which is the whole typical laid back lifestyle they have here in a beachfront community....

After walking around, I went and had lunch at Margaritaville, a Jimmy Buffett restaurant.
The restaurant has a lot of atmosphere..
I have discovered that eating in a restaurant alone is way better when I have something to look at, which is why I chose this one, knowing that it played videos of Jimmy Buffett's singing.

and music playing...of course the classics are my favorite, and one of them is Cheeseburger in Paradise, so I ordered one, and It was awesome! Enhanced by the Havana Banana drink, together, it was total YUM!

"Cheeseburger in paradise (paradise)
Heaven on earth with an onion slice (paradise)
Not too particular not too precise (paradise)
I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise"
Then I had a mystical experience..ok maybe the drinks helped out a little bit, lol but I walked over to the beach and saw a pod of dolphins in the water! I stood there for a couple of minutes just watching them before daring to try and get a photograph. At least I got a photo of one :)
Then I turned around and went back to my resort, figuring that had topped my day just perfectly :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

meander: verb used without object

to wander aimlessly; ramble
Lazy, lazy, and then really lazy! That sums up my day :)

 I started off with my facial this morning, which was uber nice, and then I walked down to Limes, my favorite little bar/restaurant on the pier within the resort.
Where I had a Orange Cream daiquiri, and read my book...
 I had a little shrimp...and another drink ;)
Then I wandered out to the beach and about fell asleep listening to the water lapping onto the shore...
for company I had this little guy who talked waaaaaaaaaaay too much.....
 and watched this young 'un who was doing some fishing...
then the sun was setting, and I meandered back to my room..

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