Saturday, August 18, 2012


large, tropical birds with long legs, webbed feet, long necks, downward-curving beaks, and bright pink or red feathers
Pause Dream Enjoy Challenge: #52 Flamingo Pink

Do you know what makes a Flamingo pink?..ok, so I cheated and looked it up, I thought it was because they ate shrimp...their pink, right? lol
"Flamingos eat little things, bugs and tiny shrimp, but they especially are fond of blue-green algae. It's what gives them their pink color."
This is my postcard to send to Terrie, who I promised I would make her one while down here in Florida and mail it from here, my deadline approaches fast! I think I am OK showing it on my blog as she is on vacation too and I don't think she will be checking my blog anytime soon...hopefully!

the front of the postcard:
I wish I had brought more with me, but I used my H20's, glitter pens and marker to create Terrie's postcard. I hope it makes it through the mail OK, I wish I had a sealant of some sort for it.
"seas the day"

the back of the postcard:
I drew the flamingo on this side to separate the address part of the postcard from the body, which I'll be filling in, now that I've taken a picture of it :)

It's actually sparkly, so I took this picture to try and capture the essence of the shine, if you click on it to make it larger then you can see the glimmer a little bit better:

Well, not sure if you miss any vacation pictures, but yesterday was kinda boring. I just stayed by the pool, and then we had rain in the afternoon, which is common for Florida. I got a little sun, but not too much ;) I tried to hunt out an interesting view from the balcony to shoot a picture, but didn't find anything worthwhile. Today, I have a foot massage scheduled ( yay, clapping hands!! lol ) and then my last night at Limes for drinks and dinner. Tomorrow I will be packing up and heading home, which is OK with me.

 I miss the mountains, and they are calling me home.


505whimsygirl said...

Hey Sandee,

The connection at Starbucks is acting up.... Your postcard is way cute. I love that flamingo! Interesting that algae would make them pink!

I know what you mean about the mountains calling you home. I live at about 7,000 feet and it's so nice. But I wish there was a coastline near..... enjoy it!


Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, yes I am missing vacation photos!! I have been enjoying your holiday and it is the only one I am going to get this your postcard though, that flamingo is gorgeous (OH's favourite bird too - his DDs bought him a huge cushion with one on and it takes up a whole place on the couch). I love the sea/ocean but I think I would miss the hills too, safe journey home! Crafty hugs, Anne xx

PS Mr Postie brought me seahorses today - I love them, thank you!!

Katie said...

That is really interesting that blue-green algae makes flamingos pink. I always thought it was the shrimp!

Your postcard is awesome! I love the saying, and the flamingo on the back.

Roudi said...

Oh hi Sandee! Love love your little Flamingo! I hadn't known about those algae until you've told me. Pretty interesting ha?
I hope you're having fun and enjoying your vacation. xx


Lori Saul said...

What a wonderful and colorful postcard- you have captured the fun and essence of Florida by the sea!

bellefrogworks said...

The postcard is great - I especially love the flamingo. I am quite partial to those birds - they look as if they couldn't possibly fly - but they do! And pink! What a color for a bird!

Kalea Wavedancer said...

Super cute!

Janis Lewis said...

Cool idea! Love all the starfish and that flamingo! Thanks for playing with us at Pause Dream Enjoy Challenges. :) Janis

Julia S-W said...

WOW! I love your postcard and your friend must have been over the moon to come home and find that in the post box - it's gorgeous and you're right, clicking on does bring the shimmer to life.
Hope you enjoyed the foot massage you lucky girl!

Sarasota said...

A true artist and work. I like the detail in your art. :)