Saturday, August 11, 2012

plumage: noun

The covering of feathers on a bird
Tomorrow I leave for vacation, so I've been busy doing all that last minute "count down stuff" before traveling, you know, packing, laundry, making sure no food is left behind that can spoil, arranging for my friend to water my plants, cleaning the place ...all this because you don't want your place dirty in case you die on vacation, sort of the equivalent to making sure your have on clean underwear in case you have a car accident...kid you not! lol

So I was coloring my hair and decided to go take my ice tea and camera out to the balcony to enjoy the light rain shower we were having and while sitting there I noticed that the sugar water from the hummingbird feeder that the raccoons had knocked over a couple of weeks ago ( boy they made a mess too ) had now mildewed and I began to clean a little when I noticed these paw prints under my chair! lol Evidence that they were the culprits, not sure if I want to clean them off, so they were left as is. I know, I'm a little crazy about my wildlife that visits me. ;)
Speaking of the rain shower, I had an enjoyable couple of moments watching a hummingbird bathe in the rain droplets left on top of this tree branch and wanted to share them with you :)
 hummingbirds will rub against the leaves to bathe
A typical bird bath is too large and deep to be suitable for hummers.
They do still need water to bathe, however,
to wash sticky residue off their feathers
and keep their plumage in top condition for insulation and efficient flight.
Show's over ;)
She was very modest, having kept her back to me during the entire bath...did she know I was going to post her pictures on my blog?
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Terrie said...

We're leaving on vacation tomorrow as well and I'm in the same mode....trying to do one last catch-up with blog reading, last minute checklist stuff, etc. It's so much fun when at the destination, but this prep stuff is for the birds! Speaking of birds, your hummingbird shots are great! I can't believe you caught him still and moving! They're tough suckers to catch!

Have a fab vacation and I can't wait to see a few pics and hear how it went when you get back.

Maureen Hayes said...


Hope you have a lovely and restful vacation! These are wonderful shots of that Hummingbird, thanks so much for sharing! I admit, I'm a bit jealous that you are able to see all this wildlife and sit outside and enjoy nature right in your own home!

Take care and we'll see ya when you return!
Maureen AKA scrapgirl1467

TwinkleToes2day said...

WOW!!! What an incredible sight to have seen! How very blessed you are! Thanks for sharing the pictures, they have made my day! :-D
Hoe your hair turned out well and have a fantabulous holiday! :0)

Dawn said...

OOh, have a wonderful holiday Sandee, may I be nosy and ask where you are visiting??
Gorgeous photos of the hummer, thank-you for sharing.
Lol, love the footprints too, I would want to leave them there also.
Big hugs x x x x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh wow watching the hummingbird bathe, great pics! We don't get anything quite so interesting here. Hope you have a super vacation and get to rest and relax and enjoy. Look forward to catching up when you return as I'm sure you'll share some fab pics. Take care Zo xx

Rita said...

Love the raccoon prints! I would have left them, too. ;) The hummingbird bath was modestly delightful. Enjoy your vacation! :)

Kim said...

Awesome pics Sandee. Have a wonderful vacation!We have those little prints too. Eating the cat food.:)

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, what delightful paw prints! The photos of the hummingbird are amazing, I have never seen one land or bathe so thank you for capturing these moments and sharing them. Hope you have a wonderful holiday......Crafty hugs, Anne x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,
Love the photos of the hummingbird! They've been whizzing by in my garden as well.

Have a great vacation! I'll be thinking of you and wishing I could join in. Maybe someday.....


boulderdamcottage said...

hi there...... just love the hummers.....i have so many feeders...they visit all day long and are so cute......such characters...lucky you to get to see that so close too! mine greet me at the kitchen window! :) lovely pictures, lovely post....not sure i would like the the bigger kind! lol hugs and have a wonderful vacation! kat -=^.^=

Katie said...

I always clean before I go on vacation to! I just hate coming home feeling relaxed, and then walking into a messy house!

The paw prints are too funny! And the hummingbird bath shots are awesome. I never knew that they couldn't use a regular bird bath. What a smart way for them to get clean!