Wednesday, August 15, 2012

raining cats and dogs: idiom

rain very heavily
Hi to all my WOYWW 167 friends, as you read this I am on vacation down in Panama City, Florida. I sure wish y'all could join me because I am here all alone :( Which is why I am on the internet talking to you, it makes me feel a little less lonely :)

So Tuesday it rained cats and dogs most of the day, so I set up a little work station out on the patio enjoying the thunder and and stormy weather. I can't help it, I love the rain! I have been trying to stay in touch with everyone and checking challenges like Inspiration Avenue where they are having a Fairy challenge. So I got out my "I'm on a vacation alone kit" aka watercolors, H20's and markers, grabbed the newletter from my timeshare and had a lovely day! Excuse the desk picture, my lens on my camera was a little fogged up!

my mermaid for the challenge
Then I went and a had a pedicure and got a totally wild color of blue. Don't laugh, for me this is WILD!
Blisters are doing better so I am going to try and walk down by the beach, have a drink at Limes and get a facial..yep, that's all the plans I have for today....and then come back and visit with everyone, of course!

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BJ said...

Oh Sandee, I have missed everyone too. Took me 3 attempts to even get your page up and it is only 6.15am here. Usually our connection is OK during the night but in the day it bounces up and down all the time. It is so infuriating and causing quite alot of strife in the household especially with 13yr on school holidays! Anyway your mermaid is darling and your toes a reminder of mine when I was younger. My boss at work loved the colour (and me) so much he had his beloved sports car resprayed the same colour! That memory made me smile, a time when men worshiped the ground I walked on, now just the hum drum housework and no such adoration. BJ

sandra de said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.
Sandra @32

peggy aplSEEDS said...

your mermaid is so cute! i used to love the rain until we got really bad floods and some of my friends had water til the ceiling of their homes! i have never had blue toenails so no, i'm not laughing! enjoy your vacation! happy WOYWW!
thank you for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

okienurse said...

WooHoo love the blue toenails! Got bright purple on mine yesterday. Awesome mermaid. Sounds like you are like me on vacations when I can't get DH to go with me. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you liked the rat trap. It was fun to make and with make an excellent message clip! Vickie #38.

Ayala Art said...

I love the mermaid!! So cute!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Love the mermaid AND the blue toes - it's not wild at all, just vivid ;)
Hope the rain stays off and you can enjy more adventures and show off your nails ;)

Anonymous said...

Yowza! Now that is BLUE. Enjoy the beach - your day sounds lovely and I wish I was beach-bound too (or at least could see some SUN here)


MA (2)
oh, and total sympathy with the whole internet thing. I missed out last week too.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks like you are having fun!! blue would be wild for me too! lol!!!

Lindsay Weirich said...

enjoy your vacation, beautiful mermaid! Happy woyww-Lindsay/frugalcrafter #25

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, I wish I could just jump on a plane.....would love to visit Florida! I like storms too but more the thunder than the lightening. Love your toe colour, it is bit way out for me but looks great on you! The mermaid is fabulous.....enjoy the rest of your hols. Crafty hugs, Anne x #59

Eliza said...


Love the blue nail polish and that mermaid is devine, do try to enjoy yourself, pity I can't be there too. Have a drink for me will you.

Eliza #102

Kira - said...

That rain! I hope you enjoy the beach anyway. My husband and I are actually headed down to Panama City Beach this weekend for our anniversary :D It's less than 2 hours away from us! If I got a wild hair, I suppose I could drive down today and do some crafting with you...

I love the mermaid! And your blue toenails look very adventurous ;)

Neet said...

Thanks Sandee for the information re the camera and night shots. My email addie is on the right hand side of my blog if ever you want to get in touch.
will have to investigate our current camera and if we can do as you say that is fine if not a little Kodak may be finding its way into our hands.
Thanks so much.
Hugs, neet

Rita said...

What fun! You brought a lot of toys to play with, too. Awesome! Hope the blisters are all healed. :)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Those are some BLUE toenails ya got there, lady. I like 'em though. And it is a nice festive blue too, not the I'm-not-getting-enough-oxygen-blue. We got cats and dogs from the sky too. I almost stepped on a poodle. yuk yuk yuk.... I like your mermaid, she's very sweet. She does remind me of perkier days gone by. Sorry, that's the evil head talking.

Jingle said...

I am wearing a remarkably similar color on my toes right now, too! YAY!

Darnell said...

Sandee, thanks for visiting me earlier. When I came by your place, I was hooked on all your adventures the last few days. You remind me so much of my sister! I think you are amazing and an inspiration to go off on your own and have fun and enjoy life!!

BTW, the hummers pictures were so awesome! And I don't know which of these I liked better: the racoon footprints or the fact that you took your dirty laundry AND fresh flowers in your car. You're a riot!

Hope the blister heal quickly!

Cardarian said...

Oh you lucky woman, vacationing in Florida! Very nice! I envy that wild blue color - totally Florida color!
Enjoy yourself - have lots of fun!

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

lovely mermaid - fabulous toes! jenx 60

Danielle said...

Nice setup on the balcony. Enjoy your vacation and the rest of your day! dani #33

Erika said...

Hi Sandee enjoy yourself in Florida, at least there when it rains it is warm! Thanks for sharing your desk space and I hope you get some sunshine too.
Hugs Erika. #83

fairy thoughts said...

what a great place to watch the rain.... much better than soggy old uk (post Olympic).I wish I was with you too
Love the toe colour and the mermaid.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday

May said...

Love the mermaid Sandee.. Just looked through your trip's post's your living area looks fab... If I lived closer I would keep you company with a wee bit of crafting... Love the toenails.. Hope the blisters are healing.. enjoy the rest of your stay.. It looks wonderful... Hugs May x x x#5

Anne said...

Love the mermaid.Love the blue nails- I had a fab red on but had to take it off for my little op last week. Can't wait to have them done again. I used to take my sons along the beach in the rain- loved it. Happy WOYWW Anne x

505whimsygirl said...

Hey Sandee,

Yep, we need to meet so maybe we can be travelling buddies!

It sounds like you are having a fun time pampering yourself - way to go. The blue would be wild for me too so I know what you're saying.

Thanks for visiting me already - your name is in the hat!


Spyder said...

Love the toe colour!! Do the fingers match!! Raining Cats and dogs here too!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Love the mermie! Blisters are awful arent they! I always get them when breaking in new shoes.

The iron men are huge cast iron figures that are a replica of the artist, theirs around 200 of them on the beach, at high tide most are submerged so they have cool looking stuff growing on them. Others are weathered and rusty like my photo. Here is the wiki entry on them. Some of them were made in my home town too.

VonnyK said...

Your mermaid is gorgeous, the colours are so intense and bright, just love it. Cute toes, I have a problem with anyone touching my feet, just can't stand it, so they never get pretty colours like yours. I'll join you for the facial!
Have a great week.
Von #27

Julia S-W said...

Missed your post yesterday so just catching up!! Love your mermaid - such beautifully bright colours. Speaking of bright - those toe nails are to die for!!!!
So glad you're keeping busy and having some fun. Don't feel lonely because we're all here waiting to hear what you get up to next.=!

Queen Lightwell said...

The mermaid is beautiful! Playful, too. ;)
Sorry your vaca is leaving you lonely and soggy from rain, and in Florida of all places!
Thank you so much for the congrats card...I really love it and featured it in my woyww post this week!
Take care and enjoy your carefree toes in the sand. :)
Deeyll #128

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Oh what a lovely Mermaid she is!! and how fitting for you vacation location too... I've lived in Fl all my life and know your having a Ball even in the rain!!! Be careful in that Sun Girl!!!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my Revolving bins... I'll email you the site if your intrested in trying one...
Enjoy your time on the beach and at the Bar&Grill... there the best!!

Barb King said...

Good thing you were prepared for all types of weather! Cute mermaid, enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Sandeeeee! Why didn't you tell me you were going on your own!! I love the Pan Handle of Florida and have stayed near Apalachicola before. Looks like you're staying in a fantastic complex, do you own this timeshare or have just rented it for a week? Love your little drawings on the newsletter, and I LOVE to sit and watch he rain too!

Brenda 5

Shoshi said...

What a lovely time you are having, Sandee! Love the blue toenails... and the soft focus photo of your desk lol!!

Thanks for your lovely comment. The books have gone! I'll be blogging soon about my major efforts this afternoon - I can't believe how different the room looks. As for shredding my diaries, they were just boring appointment diaries with dentist's appointments, meeting up with people, that sort of thing. So no great loss at all!!

Seems very funny getting a cheery wave from you, from the sandy beaches of Florida lol! Enjoy the rest of your hols.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #10

Craftychris said...

Your mermaid is such a cutie and your nails are so cool! xx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Sandee ah know what you mean about missing things but enjoy the rain and the vacation and do love my pencils etc something very therapeutic about colouring with them isn't there?? thanks for idea on glimmer mist blockage too yet to do it but will let you know! Stunning day here today - hard to beleive it is winter my brother was in town too which was really nice :D
Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #64

Tertia said...

Pedicures, facials, crafting without anybosy worrying you? That sounds like heaven to me! Love the little mermaid.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #116

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandee, hope you are having better weather and enjoying your trip and crafty time. Love the bright blue toes! :) Happy WOYWW from Laura #124

Bridget Larsen said...

Sorry word verification now obsolete. I love how you've coloured on a brochure, it has given me cool ideas. Sorry about the blisters but thats what you get for lounging around in the sun and rubbing it in for those of use who have snow (yes we have snow which is not the norm) brrrr to you hahahaha
Bridget #42

Neesie said...

I'm so late visiting but then I see you've been busy enjoying yourself anyway you probably haven't noticed I'm late ;D
By the way I've never had blue your totally out there for me!
Love the mermaid too.
Enjoy your hols. xox

Lou Anne Hazel said...

Thanks for participating in this week's challenge. You know I can never resist a mermaid and this one was lots of fun.

Maggie said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful! And I love your mermaid! Sometimes we forget mermaids are fairies too :) Thanks for playing at Inspiration Avenue even though you have a gorgeous beach calling to you!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I LOVE your mermaid, Sandee. It looks really cool against the print. Blessings!

Dortesjs said...

your mermaid is so cute, fine feet of yours lol lol lol

Katie said...

Your mermaid is beautiful! I love rain too, it always is fun to craft while the weather is bad outside!

The blue color on your toes is so fun!

I hope you had a nice time at the beach, and at Lime's and that you enjoyed your facial!

Kalea Wavedancer said...