Sunday, August 26, 2012

idiom: noun

stylistic expression: the style of expression of a specific person or group
I have rented a display wall in a gallery, called the Art MoB, which shows paintings, sculptures, jewelry, you name it! It's brand new, so the walls aren't finished but you get to do almost whatever you want, so here is my spot, where I had set up to paint my background space. It's only a 4 x 8' area, but I feel that's enough to start out with.   ( It's actually the smallest space they have, I think, lol )  They have a lot to complete but are madly working on it as the grand opening is Thursday! ...whew....This is something that has been on my bucket list, to be in a gallery or store, and I had to be "judged" to get in too....I was as excited when they accepted me as I am to be actually moved in!

So I need a name for my "business/wall", yikes, right? I have come up with some idioms, and would love to have you pick what best suits me, y'all know my style, my sense of humor, so who best to help me out? ( If you don't know, that's OK too, have a look around my blog to find out more! )
 I thought idioms would work well, since my wall signs are about quotes and my cards all have sentiments on them. Begin all of them with .....Sandee's....
like.... Sandee's too funny for words...
or...Sandee runs with scissors....
maybe.....Sandee has art in her heart.....

get the idea?
So from the following list, pick one that you like the best!
too funny for words
runs with scissors
art in my heart
diamond in the rough
a little bird told me
get the word out
back to the drawing board
chit - chat
coin a phrase
daft as a brush
famous last words
gild the lily
charmed life
in stitches
innocent under proven guilty
never-never land
off the record
on cloud nine
heart content
run amok
savoir faire
stuff and nonsense
such is life
die has been cast
to the nth degree
road less travelled
writing is on the wall
thinking outside the box
tit for tat
tongue in cheek
two cents worth
word for word

Sandee Setliff Studio
For helping me out, I am offering a small let me know what you think. I dying to hear it!
Thank you! :)
I'll announce the winner  and the name of my display wall/business that will be chosen on Tuesday!


Eliza said...

Congratulations that is one advancement to have a wall at a gallery, gosh this news is wow.

As for the name that is going to be a hard one, I love playing with words hence my blog names and my daughters too. Sorry to say I am a blank here unless you use something like, 'another from the list' refering to the bucket list, or 'Ticking them off' mind you if you said that here in Aus you would be refering to telling them off or marking them off LOL. I might come back with some others to help just to give my brain something to think about. LOL


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just got back online and must catch up. Of all the names you left, I think word for word, since you always start every blog post with a word. Why not stick with that same theme in your art studio space?

Of course, you could vary it by using "word 4 word."

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, it has to be 'art in the heart' for me because even though you are too funny for words - lol - it does not sum up your work in the same way as art in the heart does. But WOW, how fabulous to have this space to display your wonderful work! And to think I thought you were going sky diving........I think this venture will be even more exciting. Well done!! Crafty hugs, Anne x

Karan said...

Hi Sandee!
I think Sandee's Art From the Heart would be perfect, because that is absolutely where all of your projects come from - your heart!
Best of luck with your gallery wall. I am going to be in Ashevelle for a couple of days again in October, but not sure how much spare time I am going to have, but it would be great to see you again!

Kim said...

I am so excited for you!!! I like "The Writing's on the Wall". I changed it bit. :) I'll be right there behind you, giving you little pushes of encouragement. Awesome.

Kim said...

Ok.... So I do like Word for Word too. :) Can I pick two? I don't have to win anything. :)

Jean said...

How cool! I like Back to the Drawing Board!!! Can't wait to see your wall once it is done!

Queen Mary said...

Get the word out...

That's what you are doing and what your customers will be doing!

Rita said...

Wow! That is so exciting!! Congratulations. :):)

Terrie said...

What an exciting adventure! I'm a little envious but would be much too intimidated to try it myself yet - so I'll just sit back and cheer for you! I hope your art flies off the wall!!!

As for names, I like the ones that focus on words - Sandee's Two Cents Worth or Famous Last Words appeal to my lighter side, I kind of like 'to the nth degree''s unexpected but Word for Word is a strong choice too. I think some are too long - it needs to be short enough to roll off the tongue easily and quickly and stick in their memory.

Best of luck!! :)

Pat N. said...

Wow, Sandee. Congratulations on your big creative leap! That is so exciting! and would certainly be on my bucket list too (if I had one!). Will you be including your photography as well? and paintings? I surely hope you do, and if so, that leads me away from the names that have "word" in them so as not to be limiting. I really like "Sandee runs with scissors", but not too sure how that will carry over to customers who "have never read your blog." So my second runner up would be "Sandee's Thinking Outside the Box" with the first choice being "Sandee's Two Cents Worth"!! Do keep us posted!!

Katie said...

That is such great news about the gallery! Congratulations!

I am the worst at picking names, my blog went through quite a few before I finally picked mine! But, I was able to get the list down to these:

runs with scissors
run amok
to the nth degree
two cents worth
word for word

SarahinSC said...

That's great Sandee! You thought of some fun names! I have to vote for "Sandee Setliff Studio" though. You could do something with the letters "SSS" if you wanted, that way, if you got tired of the name you chose, you wouldn't be forced to change it since you will be "Sandee Setliff" for all time.

Teresa Jaye said...

SQUEEEEEL! This is so exciting Sandee! Congratulations! My fav is "art in my heart"

scrappymo! said...

If your art is going to mainly be cards, wall signs (with words) etc. then i vote Sandee's word for word or Sandee's...get the word out.

If there will be other projects (I think you shoauld include your gorgeous phtography) then I like Sandee's Art from the Heart. It is so you!!!
Good luck on your endeavour. It sounds so exciting.

Annie Claxton said...

Well done you! I like "to the nth degree" - best of luck with your new adventure!

Paige Taylor Evans said...

First - congrats on the art space - that's so great!

I too like something with "art" and "heart". Sandee's Art from the Heart!

Julia S-W said...

Many congratulations on your coming venture!!
My favourite is:

Sandee 'thinking outside the box'.

You always seem to do that and then come up with some amazing ideas.

Much luck to you - you won't need it but I have to give it.

angie/shuggy said...

something with art from the heart. awesome!!

Neesie said... it wasn't jumping out of a plane after all...but maybe as scary!
I'm thrilled for you's brilliant and so exciting. ;D
I've been up and down your list numerous times and I am drawn (no pun intended) to Sandee's Art in My Heart! But then if I read through them again, I'll probably change my mind.
I think once you complete the wall or work for might tell you itself what it should be called...just keep listening! :D
I'm so happy for you and will be watching keenly to see you fly (even if your not jumping)
Have fun and good luck! xoxo

505whimsygirl said...

Very cool Sandee! Can't wait to see how your space comes together!