Sunday, January 19, 2020

Wanderlust week 3 - Vision board portrait

So many things I liked about this art journal lesson:
1. It's more or less a vision board for 2020, first one I've ever done, maybe because I was more ready than ever before since I actually have specific plans thanks to the moon manifestations I've been working on.
2. I like to include self portraits ( the greats did it, why can't I? lol) but I've never even thought about doing a profile, so this is my first.
3. I like firsts, don't you?

Links to supplies I used in case you like them:
Some of the art elements came from a Cheap Joes catalog  

It may be a little time consuming and a little fussy for some but the effort of cutting out my pages just looks SO much better and yes, it's a little bit of pain that brings me joy in the long run, kinda like diet and exercise, lol

And a little peek into my "beautiful" mind, ( behavior or personality is outside social norms (very similar to the cliché of the socially awkward nerd )because I'm recording as much as possible to see if and what happens. As it stands right now, color me impressed with following the moon phases, doing the work as evidenced on the paper on my desk. It's a huge sheet that I can record everything on it and really map out what's relating to each other.

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