Thursday, April 12, 2012

hare: noun

animal like rabbit with large hind legs: a fast-running animal that resembles a rabbit but is larger, has longer ears and large hind legs, and does not burrow.

Well, learn something everyday and thanks to BJ from Craftcorner, I learned that this is actually a hare...doesn't sound as cute to say you have hares in your backyard as it does bunnies! lol Here is a website that compares them:


and my banner I made for my back porch:

It hangs on my little bench and I thought it went well with the old bird houses that I collected and turned into planters.
Frosted Designs Fabulous Friday Challenge - banners
Don Juan font - letters
Stretch Your Imagination - birdhouses
Paisley - heart
paper - Scraps and Scribbles
twine, clear gloss, text pages

I did coat my banner with a clear coat glaze to protect it from the elements, also the wood grain paper is backed with book pages just to give it a little more thickness and it adds interest in case anyone should look at the back of the banner. ( You know you always have that one friend who peeks! )

And you know what I hate dislike about spring....spring doesn't know what it's doing, it's like a teenager, one minute all warm and sunshine and the next day stormy and cold! So it's put the plants out, bring the plants in...repeat every 4th day!
We are currently going a 3 day freeze warning so I'm just leaving them


Sassy said...

Your porch bench with the planters and banner is so TWEET! Thanks for playing at Frosted Designs

okienurse said...

Love the banner you made! Love it in the cute rustic look it fits perfectly! I have to get someone out to do work on my deck and I think I am going to see if he/she can build me some rustic benches. Weather is the pits around here suppose to storm all day today.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh i love th banner! very fun!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Well, you've just ruined bunny rabbits for me... Hares! *snort* whatevs! I agree that the weather this time of year is like a teenager.... and if you live in certain places the weather just might steal your car too. I love the banner and giggled, yep you get at least one person who has to peek at the back.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your birdhouses and banner are so tweet! We are having the same warm/cool weather as you with lots of wind right now. Hi from NY!

BJ said...

Aww - thanks Sandee - so you think it was a hare in the end then? I guess I am more attuned to them as my maiden name was Hares! You can imagine the nicknames which came out of that as it sounds exactly the same as "hairs". Baby hares are called "leverets" and no not half as cute as saying "bunnies". Thanks for the mention. BJ formally Hares and so glad to change my name when I got married!

BJ said...

Just noticed your banner doesn't say what I thought it did - ROFL - BJ