Sunday, April 29, 2012

calories: noun

Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter each night

Anne sent me that, now I know what's lurking in my closet, it's time to clean it out, darn buggers!
Well, here we are on Lesson 6, Design Principles continued ( part 2 ) brought to you by Altered Book Lover where you too can learn how to alter a book for free! It's a great class offered by Elizabeth and Bluebeard! We have several design elements to work on and mine all kind of run together, several pages show more than one design element but I tried to break it down a little bit for you:

The small heart stands out and is a dominant feature because of the color blue. The splattering of blue ink and the drips contrast against the green layered torn pieces.

The heart was cut out of the material, background created with paint, H20's, and stickles. The fish was stamped and then colored in with Sakura Gels. I intentionally tried to fray the edges of the material, but it didn't fray enough for me.

Dominance and Contrast
I used the color to create contrast, while the size of the heart creates dominance.
poem reads:
Magic Spirits of the deep,
I would like a tail,
Not two feet.
To swim with fish would be sweet,
but when I'm finished in the sea,
Let my feet return to me.
mermaid spell

I adapted the words to my liking but if you want to see the orginal spell then you can go visit:

Rhythm and Movement
I tried to create rhythm by repeating an element to draw the eye into the heart, the paper strips also create movement by having the eye travel around the heart.. The strips were torn from pages that had already been removed and then inked and glued down.
First I gesso'd the background and then used H20's to color the heart. I glued the edges down with lace and then sewed it to make sure it was secure. I tore the heart shape by using a water technique to outline the shape and then simply tore on the water line.

I stamped small fishes over and over creating a subtle repetitive background design. I have to say that stamping on gesso, covered with H20's is a wonderful thing, if you make a mistake you can rub the ink to look like the H20's, lol
Detail of a hanging charm from the heart. Made with glass rock beads and a dragonfly charm, sewn to the bottom of the heart.
The right side of the open heart.

a close up shot of the tag:
You can read more details about the making of the tag here.

Well, I hope that wasn't too confusing, it all kinda meshes together, even for me. ;)


In the hills of North Carolina
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...the yorkshire fox... said...

...beautiful work Sandee, you've put so much into it from the colours to the elements...loVe the heart too...great stuff...Mel :)

Karen said...

Sandee this is really gorgeous, I love it all :)

I hope you have a nice Sunday, Hugs, Karen xx

paulaexuk said...

Oh my goodness Sandee, how well you have illustrated the principles on your page. I do hope that I can get my ideas organized as well as you have.
Loving your book.
Paula in Florida
p.s. thanks for your comments on my blog.

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, I love your pages, especially the colours - very sea like and that mermaid poem (your version) is so sweet, I love it.
Anne x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so in awe of your book and how well it is coming along. I saw the open page on WOYWW, but this is superb. I love how you detailed everything. I also loved how you went into detail. It's always nice to see see when people "get it." And when you "get it," it shows!

I can't understand why you can't find Kathy. Here is her information for Pinterest. Not sure if she uses all these names, but here is what you can start with:

Kathleen Woodburn Turnquist

and here is her e-mail. I KNOW it works: Kathy Turnquist

I hope that helped.

Sherry said...

Oooh Sandee, I love these pages in your book. I just wish I could see them for real and turn them to reveal what's next. It's absolutely brilliant!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your pages are always amazing! I think all the details such as the dragonfly fob are stunning.

BJ said...

Oh Sandee - first up the definition of calories had me ROFL to start my day off just right.

Sure I have been seeing glimpses of your AB over the past fortnight and glad to see it in all its glory now. It is wonderful. I love the cut out heart pages - how cool is that? And the strips round the backing make it look like it is glowing too. Love it - BJ taking notes for future pages in her AB - LOL

elle said...

You have done a wonderful job of not only creating this lovely spread but of explaining your process. Thanks!

Karen said...

OH SANDEE!!!!!!! This absolutely beautiful, makes mine look boring haha! I LOVE all the elements on these pages and your lovely heart is truly inspiring!!! Fabulous work my lovely. xxx

Terrie said...

Holy moly - these are some FAB pages. I started falling a bit behind and didn't finish up last lesson; better get to work on that! I love the little beaded charm..I keep meaning to add beads to mine and then forget when I'm in the throes of making a page. sigh. And the folding heart...genius!

Susan said...

Great Idea too alter your page to another shape! I love it. Nice colors too.
The little fish is really cute.

Dawn said...

Absolutely love your pages Sandee, all of the elements are stunning individually and all work so well together. Fab job my lovely x x