Monday, April 16, 2012

embrace: verb

to welcome and take advantage of something eagerly or willingly


Day 5
Well it seems the UBP has slowed down a bit over the week end, I realize it's hard to continually go to blogs, to leave comments, but ladies, it is always appreciated when you do. Some people are new to blogging and have only a few followers, so follow them, you can make some one's day, and don't we all feel better when you make someone else happy? I know you do!
So keep on visiting, leave a comment, follow them....embrace the blog!

Are you ready for another 'manly' card? lol Well you're getting one regardless I guess ;)

ODBDSLC104 S-P-R-I-N-G Word challenge

"Use three of the letters in the word “Spring” for your embellishments, materials, or your image. Example- s=stitching, p=pink, r=ribbon, i=ink, n=nestabilities, g=green "

So I used S for sewing, I for inking, and G for golf

Our Daily Bread Designs - Mini Tags 3 stamp


Don't forget Project Pinterest on April 19th, where we all get to link up and show off something we created from a pin that inspired us! No need to sign up for it, just show up for it! ;)

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Unknown said...

Hi from your newest follower from the UBP! Love your cards and crafts... and hadn't heard about Project Pinterest yet... I'll be there now!
Raising Lifelong Learners

Mary Pat Siehl said...

very very fun!!

ErikaV said...

Thanks so much for coming over and having such sweet things to say! It brought a much needed smile to my grumpy face that day :D I'd love to come over and share something that I was inspired through pinterest. I'll email you my questions.

Now following with GFC. Have a great week!
Erika at Southern Belle as an Army Wife

Wendy M said...

Hey Sandy... it is good to have you drop by my blog. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment. It is fab that we can link up from all parts of the world so easily and quickly. You have linked up with the East Coast of Scotland... and it's a warm "hello" from me to you too.

Hope you have a great week.

Wendy xx

Joni said...

I love the man card! It looks great :) I'm following your blog and a few of your cute pinterest boards as well. Have a great day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like how you used the letters of spring to create this manly card. It speaks to me.

I'll be back for Pinterest Day, but I still don't think I can commit to the countless hours it consumes. I spend so much time now on the internet, it's hard to find time to make anything of any substance. But I promise to give it a try!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Very fun!! Love the manly design!! Perfect take on the Shining the Light S-P-R-I-N-G word challenge at ODBD. Thanks for joining us this week!