Sunday, April 22, 2012

broken: adjective

in two or more pieces

Mixed media is taking over my life, it has now entered the garden.

Went by my friend's house yesterday and spied this broken angel head tucked away in a bush and asked if I could have it, lol I LOVE how it looks on my birdbath! OK, so this totally makes me smile!

Mixed media gardening?

Hiked yesterday to Cove Creek Falls, first time hiking in the rain...not really a terrible experience either.

I'm not sure why I am so attracted to taking pictures of mushrooms, bark, moss, etc. but I am and other wise putting it on my blog I don't do anything else with these types of pictures, never the less; there I am on the forest floor acting like an idiot! lol

 Cove Creek Falls

My favorite picture of the day. I am doing a weekly picture assignment and this week we are to take pictures of trees. This is what I wrote under my assignment:

"I have to say that I was so immersed in trying to find something unusual, different, that I just forgot I was on a hike to enjoy nature. Does anyone else find themselves trying so hard to find the perfect shot that they forget to relax and just 'enjoy nature'? Then I looked up and thought to myself..."wow, this is it! " For me, nature can be spiritual, maybe I just need to look up to heaven and let Him lead my focus."

And the last picture of the day, seemed to be marked by the last of a dogwood blooming. Can you tell the trail was wet? It was drizzling on me pretty good at this point.

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Lisa Richards said...

LOL! The angel head sort of reminds me of those old scary Chuckie movies! :D (I never watched them. But I saw commercials.)

I do love your mushroom picture and the tree pics. Trees are my favorite things (plantwise) on the planet. I always love looking up like that. And, yes, sometimes when I take my camera along on walks I do forget to just relax and enjoy! :)

Waving to you from the northwoods of Minnesota!

May said...

Wonderful pics Sandee... your question about timmie's tags just type in tim holtz.. and click on his blog, he is doing the 12 tags of 2012 one each month these are free you just get the ideas from his blog... the tim holtz class, which I am also doing is tim holtz creative chemistry 101, which you pay for ... no limit on when you use as once you have it you have the class forever... (or until your computer breaks down) LOL for the tag on my blog its just his April tag... enjoy Sandee, if I can help in anyway just shout.. you can get to all these from his blog Hugs May x x x x

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, the angel head made me laugh too - very funny! Love the pics of the trees, especially that one looking up. The Chemistry 101 course that May talks about is excellent, I hesitated at first but then went for and really enjoyed it. Hope you find the monthly TH tag OK. I think it is on his sidebar.

Hettie said...

I can see why that pic is your favourite. I have a plethora of photos of fun guys! (fungais!!) Hubby doesn't know why either!!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

Ha! Yes, I like the angel head on your birdbath! I have a broken frog statue and haven't tossed it as I think I'll try to fix it up somehow....

I love these photos. The dogwood blooms are just beautiful. I could tell that the trail was a little more than just damp! Good for you to get out and hike! I definitely need to be more active.

I was wondering about the Pinterest thing. After I comment I'll check the link up thingie. I haven't published my post yet - but I have made necklaces based on pinterest!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are really, really lovely photos. I hope your camera was safe from the rain and drizzle. It takes some pretty awesome shots.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sandee, I just saw your question about my spoon. I flattened it by pressing it between the jaws of a vise. I made sure the vise was properly covered so it didn't scar or damage the spoon. I hope that helped.