Monday, August 1, 2016

Would you pay to be judged?

It's that time of year again where I give away money to be judged. 

::the sound of silence, crickets chirping::

It's a scary thing, entering a juried show...I feel like shouting: "Hey judges, here is my heart art, please like it"...then whispering "and can I have my money back if you reject it?" OK, so I know it's non-refundable, but hey, it's my blog and I'll make absurd wishes if I want to. 

BUT, I rarely do juried shows except for this one because it supports The Arts Council of Henderson County which benefit from the entry fee. 
So there, I am a contributing member to the arts.

This is one of my pieces I will be entering, it took me a year to finish it...not because it was that difficult but because it's a little  a LOT tedious. I had to be "in the mood" to sit down and tear thousand of little tiny strips of paper from magazines that I had to sort by colors. LOTS of sorting and LOTS of tearing.
 Did I mention how tedious this process is?

Even the sides of the canvas are covered in strips of magazine pages. I use text on the sides. I do that so they ( the people looking at my art and ya know those judges busy judging my art ) know it's from magazines, not just cardstock which would be a heck of a lot easier to work with. A LOT easier.

I also try and do some feathering in each one of my pieces for the birds. This is done by cutting out the tiny feathers with tiny scissors and then attaching them with tweezers. I will note that my work doesn't go unappreciated, the other 2 bird collages yay me!.. it is worth doing, but I am in no way cranking them out. One a year seems to be my pace.

I used 3 types of magazines for this piece:
Outdoor Photographer (for the greens, grays, and browns)
Sundance (for all the pastel and red colors)
Birds and Blooms (for the text for the upper ½ of the canvas)

Yes, I hoard magazines for certain colors.
Will they understand that when I die and they come remove me from my place, that my hoarding was done for the sake of my art?

Wish me luck...on both accounts!


shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Sandee, I read your post with a smile on my face, on a rather dull and overcast Monday here, so thanks for that! Oh my, I can't even begin to guess just how tedious that was, but all that work has produced a stunning piece of art. It's amazing, really. Truly had to laugh about hoarding magazines by colour! I really hope you do well in the judging,and the show sounds to be a very worthy reason for parting with your money. Hope you are well, Hugs, Shaz xx

Pam said...

Oh Sandee, this is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love all of the highlights and shadows in the mountains and the beautiful sky, and that bird. How amazing, all of those teeny, tiny little feathers cut by hand and placed lovingly in just the right placement on the birds wing! You are a true artist that puts her heart, soul and love into every piece you create!

Jean said...

Holy cow. This is amazing. I can totally understand your feelings even though I have never had any of my work juried. Just being in a show and people looking at - judging- my work sends me into a panic. This is amazing!!!

Anna said...

Turned out awesome! Love the little feather details! Good luck and bravo for putting yourself out there. I've not been brave enough yet.

Unknown said...

I love this, Sandee! Good luck!

wwilloww said...

Hi Sandee, Sorry I have been remiss. Though I try never to miss your blog posts, I've not been commenting, but I couldn't let this post pass without saying how beautiful this piece of art is. I love your art, but this is on a whole other level. Wish I could see it in person. As for the judging, it will be their loss if they choose not to include this work of Art. Here's to a glorious show!!! said...

good luck! your piece is amazing!

Anonymous said...

This piece represents, to me anyway, what art is all about. Pouring your whole being into creation...and hoping someone notices all the care and love.

I absolutely adore this piece and stand in awe of your talent.

-Bonnie W.