Thursday, August 18, 2016

Achohol ghost printing...what do you think?

I posted the background pages that I was creating by spraying my stencils with rubbing alcohol after dripping alcohol inks through them the other day, and now I am making some art journaling pages from them. I am not one to just collect backgrounds although I must say I find this technique so fascinating that they are hard to cover up, but you can see that I used the one on the left side for my page today. It was a little bare towards the bottom and the "un" from unfinished wasn't showing so I just went with "finished". I kept asking myself (as sometimes we do when we are creating something)..."am I finished"? Since the answer seems to be no I just went with that and wrote never in all the little openings.

Giving it a name

And speaking of unfinished....the right side (above) is looking much better with a few more layers of alcohol ghost prints, for lack of a better term that is what I am calling it.

Yeah, "alcohol ghost prints"...I like it, what do you think?
or drunk
Check out the alcohol ghost prints I made here.


Jean said...

Love how you included the writing. Love the drunk ghosts!

Pam said...

Very intriguing! Your finished project looks great!