Thursday, August 11, 2016

Are you a Gel Press® Junkie?

YES! I admit it I am a Gel Press Junkie!
I cannot get enough of it and love making print after print!
Housework doesn't get done, gardening chores are ignored all to satisfy my my addiction to making gorgeous after the other....again and again....

I love our Gel Press Junkies page over on Face Book because I get so much inspiration from everyone there! One of our members ( Linda Sims ) asked if anyone had used Ranger's Distress Inks directly on their plates and I thought that it was a great idea! Thanks Linda!

I have been playing with my Petite plates in set A so I grabbed the small square and proceeded to experiment. I'll need to make a video to show you some tips and tricks but here is what I created in my small 5½x7" Strathmore journal.

How about you? Does this fulfill the addict in you?
Aren't your hands just itching to go play now?