Saturday, August 13, 2016

Scrapbooking revival, had you heard?

I use to scrapbook a LOT, and then stopped after my divorce, but now I have reasons to start it up again!! I have this over-the-moon cute grand nephew and I'll now have ( hopefully soon in my hot little hands ) a 12 x 12" Gel Press® plate. Now if you are wondering why I am so excited it's because the 12x12" plate allows me to create double page layouts with matching paper. I use to have to hunt for scrapbook papers that did a flip image but no more!

 I can make my own!

I also love that I can make my papers to coordinate with the photographs, I mean really, how many times have you tried to match the photos and paper when you create a LO? It's hard! I know I had made extra trips to the store trying to find the right paper! 
Now, problem solved!

And you don't have to be an artist to create fun LO's with the gel plate. On this LO I simply used my brayer for the lines and the 6" circle plate to create the balls, and I have a color coordinated paper to match the photos! This is a lot more fun than just going out and buying preprinted paper!

And of course, you can always make single pages like I did here, and you can check out this blog post for the tutorial :) On this one I turned my gel prints into digital photos and then used photoshop to arrange the pictures. I really don't do many single page LO's but this one goes on the front page of his book so it's special!

I love the idea that when this book is finished I will not only have my pictures to reminisce about but will also have my art work to look back on too! 
Now, how cool is that?