Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cast aside, neglected and forgotten no more!

Ya know, usually I can steer clear of these people enablers, but Mary Beth Shaw from Stencil Girl sucked me in big time. For one, the technique she showed used 2 products that have been sitting on my shelves for a couple of years....YUPO paper and Alcohol Inks. So what did I have to lose? Well, it's now going to cost me more money cause I want to do this..like....every day! lol

I gave the technique a half hearted try yesterday just to see if she was leading me down the rabbit hole, and surprise to me, with my minimal effort it worked! OK, let's now try and really follow her directions, so I got out some YUPO and all 3 alcohol inks I owned plus a new stencil from Artistcellar and gave it my all.

So this is the YUPO paper under the stencil and covered with the alcohol inks. I set it aside to dry under a fan.

After it was dry to the touch I removed the stencil.

WOW! Look what it left behind! Beautiful bright colors and everything looks like it was outlined but I promise you this is untouched. I LOVE it!

Alcohol Ghost printing

Now for me, this part is also exciting. Because I don't want to waste anything I went about to see if I could salvage any of the inks left behind on the stencil. I sprayed the pages in my journal with regular rubbing alcohol. These pages were covered with acrylic paint and I pressed the stencil in between the sheets, and look at all the color that transferred! Totally digging that one on the left!

Excited, that it had worked so well I repeated the process but this time I tried it on untreated paper in my journal...again, WOW! Love BOTH of these!

I'm enjoying this so much, that this time I thought I would take a picture of my process in case someone didn't understand what I was doing because I just knew I had to share! So I snapped a picture of my stencil sandwiched between the next section of papers. I used my brayer to make sure I was getting an even contact between the stencil and the papers.

 Removed the stencil and was only a little bit disappointed. By this time I have used up most of the alcohol inks from one side of the stencil but still got a great print from the other side.

 I set my book upright to let it dry out since I had wet all the pages with alcohol, but I have to admit, it's hard to stop playing with this technique!

In all seriousness, thanks Mary Beth for steering me to this technique and helping me to spend September's art budget
( I've already spent Augusts') lol
Link to Mary Beth's video


Jean said...

I need to get some alcohol inks! How fon!

Ineke said...

This is great! Got Yupo and several alcohol inks but haven't tried it like this yet. I will put it on my arts and crafts list.

Pakrat said...

Wowzers!! This is totally cool - I need me some Yupo paper

mikosspot.blogspot.com said...

sooo much funnnn!!.. so much fun.. :) Love the colors too.. very vibrant..

This is a test.. can you see this link??? https://www.facebook.com/StencilGirlProducts/videos/vb.299640020071507/1043303632371805/?type=2&theater

Gerrie Johnnic said...

This turned out!fabulous! I too tried this after MB's expose', but never thought of using up the ink left on the stencil...that is another great idea! Now if we can only find a less $ substitute for Yupo.....

Seth said...

Amazing. I love the effect...and the great way you used the stencil in multiple ways. Just tweeted about it!! https://twitter.com/alteredpage