Saturday, August 20, 2016

To finish or not to finish? That seems to be a very good question!

What to do when you love a page, or at the very least love what you've got so far but then get stuck? It's my mantra journal so I want something up-lifting but all I can think of are silly things like BOO or GUESS WHO? lol So with my mind in that train of thought I just need to leave it alone until the right thing to say comes along.

And yes, I am a tad bit weird cause I also find pleasure and humor in that it's opposite the UNFINISHED Maybe this is what it's suppose to be...Maybe it has finished itself for me?

Are you able to leave something unfinished or do you stick it out until it is complete?


Pam said...

What's the old saying, "less is best". I like it just as it is. Love the kitty!

Marlene said...

In my art journal I have no problem leaving pages "unfinished". Every once in awhile I will be flipping thru it and BAM, an idea will pop into my head and I will know what I need to finish the page. Now scrapbook layouts are totally different, I have to be finished with a layout before I can move on to the next.