Sunday, August 28, 2016

Artful Paper book by Rogene Manas

I was invited to review the new Artful Paper Clay book by Rogene Manas

which you can find on HERE!

1. Was the book divided in easy to follow sections?
YES! It actually has 4 parts and each one leads you into the next one for more in-depth study.
2. Were the instructions easy to follow?
YES! Great explanations and wonderful step by step guides.
3. Were the pictures helpful?
YES! They were great step out photos guaranteed to make sure you understood everything perfectly!
4. Would I recommend this book to my friends?
YES! I loved the book so much that I created Clay Work Project 1 - "Leafing Out". And here it is.

Now I have worked with Creative Paperclay before and you can find most of my projects HERE so I felt comfortable expanding on the original idea and making a textured base for my leaves, but the book does explain how to imprint onto the clay using stamps. ( I haven't tried the imprinting with stencils however and am looking forward to playing with that technique! ) The book will show you step by step how to do this and even offers you a site to go to download free printable patterns HERE!

I even picked up a few tips and tricks for both cutting the shapes out of the clay and for removing paint from it. I just love learning something new!

I also LOVE this quote from the book concerning color play
"I often compare looking at color to eating chocolate."
Yep, I was hooked at anyone who compares paint with chocolate, can we say soul artists? lol

I did experiment a little with my ColourArte's Primary Elements - Arte Pigments which are powders that you can mix with any medium. Rogene Manas discusses transparent and opaque paints and I wanted to see if I could get similar results using the Arte Pigments.

First set of leaves

The upper left and lower right leaves were to be painted with a transparent paint so I mixed the powders with my Gel medium.

And I was able to achieve a shiny yet translucent paint.

The second set of leaves

Next, the upper right leaf and the lower left leaf were to be more opaque so I mixed the paint with my white gesso and I got a soft matte look.

When you buy the book go HERE to receive a free handmade gift plus patterns and instructions for a fun and free paper clay project that is not in the book plus access to a private how to video demonstrating techniques used in the project!

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