Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Last weekend my friend Tommy Jo and I were out walking around some art galleries, looking and discussing art. When I saw this one I had 2 feelings immediately...
1. It's such angry art, why would someone want to hang this in their home?
2. I could reproduce that in my art journal using my Gel Press®!

So I guess you can say it both repulsed bothered me and intrigued me all at the same time, isn't it wonderful when art does that?

So last night I was looking through all the beautiful backgrounds that I made recently (I made a video but can't share it yet)
and I chose this one to use from my journal.
 I'm not sure why this resonates with me except that "focusing and saying no" seems to be a hot topic right now among many of my friends.

Do you have a hard time saying NO? 

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Pam said...

I can see why the art gallery piece bothered you, it does me too. I do like how your piece turned out and yes, I do have trouble saying no, but I am getting better at it.