Sunday, August 14, 2016


 entering my journal page in
ColourArte's Monthy challenge - Vivid Ultra Metallic Paints

I used my Gel Press® plate along with some acrylic paints, Vivid Metallics and some stencils to create my art journal page. 

But today I thought I would show you how I use my embossing tool, which I haven't used to emboss anything in over 10 years at least ( it always hurt my hand ) BUT I have used this tool soooo much in painting! You can see here I removed the cap from the Vivid bottle ( I was cleaning it ) and when I tested to see if the passage was open, well, some paint came out so I grabbed my tool and scooped it up.

 It was very easy to do some fine outlining this way. Now I could use a paintbrush but I'm weird like that, lol And I should note that I applied the Blue Sky Metallic paint through the stencil with a palette brush because I wanted to play up it's dimensionality.

 I also like to squirt out a portion of paint when I have big areas to cover.

 And then spread it out using the tool. You can tell from the tool that I really do use it a lot in this lie, it's one of my most reached for tools.

A little close up picture of the Metallics but the picture doesn't do them justice.


Jean said...

I use my embossing tool for dots all the time!

Pam said...

It is beautiful Sandee!