Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Life Lessons

I figured this would make a great little gift for the tween in your life. Swing by the Arnold Grummer blog to check out the inside to the booklet.

BOTH pieces, "in the hills of North Carolina" and "Metallic Swamp" made it pass the jury and will be in the show! Entering 2 pieces was a first for me, usually I am too chicken and only enter one. 

I'll be out at Jongo Java today hoping for some people to sit down and join me in making some mail art today...if anyone shows up I'll share some pictures of it tomorrow.

I'll have this up on the table as a display.

Also made this flyer that they can take home with them.

And of course this one explaining the show itself.

Now let's see if anyone dares approach the table, lol


Jean said...

Such a fun book. I am sure lots of people will join you!

Martice Smith said...

Sounds fun + I'm sure lots of people will join you! Flash that gorgeous smile + you'll have a line out the door :) Congratulations on BOTH pieces claiming their rightful place in the show. Hugs + high fives for a successful show!