Friday, August 19, 2016

Do you find yourself as an artist going through different phases?

This is my art journal page that I made after watching Faber Castell's live streaming show featuring Tiare Smith Woods. I might have added a few things of my own ( like I have to add details for a face, lol ) I enjoy creating in someone else's style occasionally. It's fun to do things that you might not ordinarily do, keeps you fresh that way. You can find the recording of Tiare's show HERE. (Margarita Mix and an Angel)

I added my whimsical angel on this background that I already had created which is a combination of left over acrylic paint brayered onto the paper and then an alcohol ghost print on top of that.


Do you find yourself as an artist going through different phases? Sometimes it's techniques like typography, gel printing, or maybe alcohol ghost printing? I know personally I have been rolling through several of these techniques lately. Or sometimes it's playing with all those techniques but doing it in an art journal.
I must be going through an art journaling phase right now, I can't seem to get enough of it. You can find the techniques to the bee page on the left HERE.

What phase are you going through?


Jean said...

She is darling!

Krisha said...

I think I have hit every phase this summer...LOL! Right now it is water coloring stamped images....with a couple acrylic paintings in the shadows.....and the wooden letters of my youngest GD name to be painted........

It seems I can't do much of anything without a paint brush in my hand........even in my journals.

I ADORE your journal pages. The stencil ghost is something I may have to try in one of my journals too. Thanks for the inspiration.