Thursday, June 6, 2013

by and large: adverb

on the whole : in general
Where do the cards from hell go?
They go into my private bin to be sent to friends, they are cards that for on reason or another cannot be sold. Let's take this one for instance, shall we?

This card has caused me so much trouble right from the beginning. First I really don't make ladybug cards, and it's not because I don't like ladybugs ( I love them ) but I don't like the Cricut images that I have. So I finally decided on one. Now I need female birthday cards and I could NOT find a sentiment I liked for my ladies who buy my cards and it took me like forever to find something I liked.

Not starting this project off well, am I?

Next, the striped paper has a torn edge which I didn't realize until after I was gluing it down. Then, after all was said and done and re-done, I put the yellow background complete with printed sentiment and lady bug, on UPSIDE down and didn't notice until the glue had all but dried. Tore it apart, cussed a little bit, and did it over, but at the last moment scrunched the yellow paper this time inserting it into the photo corners. ....sigh....really?

Even taking a picture of this card turned into a chore. Had the perfect place and then, wham, bright sunlight complete with shadows. Seriously? Even when I got around to editing it I can see little paper dusty thingies on it, you probably can too if you enlarge it. But as for me, by and large, I don't care, I'm just glad it's done!

entering this "fabulous" creation in:
Bitten by the Bug - Lady Bug Challenge

Cricut - Paisley, p. 27
Faber Castell - PITT pen
Reminisce - white pen
I just noticed I have the word "hell" twice in my post, I hardly ever do that.
oh hell, make it 3 times
Have you ever heard of Food Combining? I'm going to give it a go and see if it makes a difference. I wrote an article about it on my other blog:


Winnie said...

Adorable Sandee! I have a girlfriend who LOVES (read-nuts over) Lady Bugs. I only make one card with them a year, and not because I don't like them, but I have only 2 stamps with them, and I get bored, but won't buy anymore since I don't use them often enough etc. Vicious cycle. I have had many cards I have made that I was glad to be done with. Most often they are very "out there" requests that i fulfill but really don't like them. The oatmeal eating giraffe watching Rachel Ray on tv comes to mind (kid you not...)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

ok totally awesome sentiment!! love it and i so love lady bugs

Anonymous said...

Terrific bright and cheerful card. Love the sentiment. (so true) Thanks for joining us at BBTB2. Stephanie

Craftychris said...

I love it and the sentiment is so cool! Sorry it was such hard work though - think calm thoughts! xx

Brenda said...

LOL I loved your post and yes we have all had days like this making a card! But I would have never know there was any problems making this cute card because it looks amazing! And as far as the word "hell", well we are all entitle to a little curse word now and then. lol Great card!! Thanks for the smile today and thanks for joining us at BBTB2;-)

Sharon said...

I think after all your troubles that your card turned out great. Love this ladybug cut, the striped paper, the corners. Thank you so very much for joining our 'She's A Lady' challenge at BBTB2!!!! :)

Valerie-Jael said...

What the hell? It's a lovely card with a wonderful quote! Valerie

MaryH said...

Well, I LIKED your bug card! I chuckled reading about your troubles cause I had one that I saw all the problems with, after I snapped the picture. (that happens to me a lot!) Yours looked really pretty, and I think the recipient is going to see the beauty in it, appreciate the time you spent making a special card for her, and not see any imperfections at all. (neither did I really!). It's a bright, gay & cheerful card that will delight whomever receives it. By the way, we got no sunshine today. Been raining again. Hugs & TFS

Rita said...

Oh, I have had cards like that more often than I care to admit--LOL! And, when salvageable, they go to friends and family who don't mind a few flaws. Yes. Poor lady bug needs a home to fly to. :)

Caroline said...

Really cute ladybug card! You did a great job on it. Seriously, we all have cards that give us the fits! Someone will enjoy getting this card. Thanks for sharing at BBTB2.

Scrapping Girl said...

I admire that you were able to finish the card after it gave you such fits! When mine are going like that, they usually end up in the trash in frustration!!!! This is very cute and I laughed so hard at the sentiment! Glad you came to play at BBTB2 this week :)

shelly said...

sandee i have to say, your post made me laugh out loud. i think weve all been there done that and totally understand your frustrations :) but..your card is really cute actually.i like that ladybug cut with her cute lil flowered wings :) thanks for sharing with us at bbtb2 :)