Sunday, June 16, 2013

gymkhana: noun

 a meet featuring sports contests or athletic skills: as 
 competitive games on horseback
 a festival featuring gymnastics and athletic showmanship and often including pageantry
 a timed contest for automobiles featuring a series of events designed to test driving skill

Have you ever made a card just because you couldn't resist the image, only to find yourself with no place to add a sentiment? Well, that happened to me but I'll bag it up and see if it sells, lol It was a free Cricut Craft Room cut ages ago and I've been holding onto it, trying to figure out what to do with the darn thing. I'm tired of thinking about it though, so off it goes!

Card Makin' Mama's - On the Farm
Sister Act Card Challenge- #11

I love her glittery nose ring. I applied the stickles on her before adding the muzzle layer, that way I didn't have to worry about getting stickles on her face.

EDIT: Uhm, evidently I don't know my cow "parts" very well, I inadvertently referred to it as a "he" when it is a "she", thanks Francesca for pointing that out. Made me laugh when I opened my comments up this morning, you are udderly correct!


Francesca said...

I hate to tell you but He is a She, she has an Udder....But still a great image. Hugs Francesca

ria gall said...

Hi Sandee
what a fun card and I think it is a card that you don't really need to have a sentiment on it.
He would make a great card for a number of people for a number of events, great fun

Carole Z said...

Super card Sandee..lots of fun! Carole Z X

Jean said...

Makes me smile.

Katie said...

Oh so cute! So so cute! Especially the glitter!!!

Yes, this sufficiently filled my adorableness quota for today!

Rita said...

You'd already changed it to "she", but I was thinking that I can only remember seeing pictures of bulls with big nose rings. But then I'm a cit girl, so what do I know--LOL! She's really cute, though. I do know that. ;)

Angela said...

Sandee, this was the perfect card for our challenge and I love her glittery nose ring, too! This is definitely the kind of card that puts a smile on your face! So glad you linked up!

(Sorry I'm late stopping by! I'm in the middle of settling in after a move...catching up on all the creative goodness!)

Thanks for sharing your card with us for the On the Farm Challenge with the Card Makin' Mamas! (the winners & DT faves will be announced later today!)

Hope to see you again soon!

Inky hugs,
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