Saturday, May 12, 2012

racket: noun

a loud noise or clamor, especially of a disturbing or confusing kind; din; uproar
There was such a racket going on my porch the other day that I had to run out to see what the heck was going on! I had baby blue birds!!!! Oh my goodness, how cute and how noisy they were. So I had to set up my tripod for a little photo op! This particular one stayed right in view the entire time...
enjoy :)

Mom? Dad? I'm hungry! Can anybody hear me?

Hi Dad, sorry, yes that was me making all that noise!

Open wide, son!

yum, yum!

Hey, what are you doing? Why are you looking at me?

mom? dad? This lady is staring at me....

Well, guess I'll take a nap until someone returns to feed me...

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and links up their Pinterest Project!

In the hills of North Carolina


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...Hi wonderful to be able to witness such amazing scenes, the baby seems bigger than the parent!...Nature is the most amazing thing...loVely loVely piccy's well done you...Mel :)

May said...

Fantastic post Sandee... love the pics of the little bird... WOW to share this on your porch is so lovely... you lucky girl! Hugs May x x x x

Redanne said...

Oh Sandee, that is such a cute bird and what a gorgeous Dad he has too. Great photos from you, as ever! Crafty hugs, Anne x

Karen said...

WOW Sandee what an amazing set of photos, they are stunning!

Karen xx

Sherry said...

What wonderful photos, they look so sweet (tweet!!) TFS x

Pat N. said...

Wow! Baby bird in training. Too cute!--Pat How did the craft show go?

505whimsygirl said...

Cute!!!! I wonder if bluebirds naturally have a grumpy look about them?