Sunday, May 27, 2012

white squirrel : noun

 Their coat is mostly white but there is a distinctive head patch and dorsal stripe that broadens in the shoulder region. The head patch can be solid, horse shoe or doughnut shaped; it may resemble a triangle, a diamond, deer tracks or even a widow’s peak.


Hi everyone! Well today I am going to be sharing my pictures of the White Squirrel, and some of the pics from the festival. If you want to know more about the white squirrel then you can go this link.

First, we began by going out to the Brevard College campus where they seem to be thriving. The first 2 were right beside the parking lot when we drove up, we didn't even have to hunt them down but our group was way too noisy and they ran up into the trees:
so next we wandered down Kings Creek to see if we could find more:
We crossed over a bridge, walked up into a field, and found more of them:
I think they kinda look like skunks in reverse, with their grey stripe:
or like prairie dogs:
or kola bears:

As expected for a white squirrel festival, lots of things squirrel related:

Hope you're having a great day today, I just hope I'm recuperated from yesterday! lol


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...great piccy's Sandee...I've only ever seen 2 white squirrels one being just down the road where I live, they are very striking being white but those with the grey streak are cute & a whole festival devoted to them is amazing...Mel :)

May said...

O my goodness Sandee, White squirrel's.. I've never seen anything like it.. WOW!! you got close to take these fab pics.. I have only seen grey squirrel's we have one who visits daily for food we named him Freddie... but boy what a treat to see a white one AmAzing!! lovely post... Hugs May x x x

Redanne said...

Loving the pics Sandee and the white squirrels, they do look a bit like a skunk in reverse don't they.......long time since I have seen a skunk (of the animal variety that it). Thanks for your visit, the mirror will just have to squeeze in a tiny space I have on the wall in my craft room. Have done another piece for tomorrow based on things I learned in Saturday's craft class. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I've seen black squirrels before, but never white. When I read your previous post where you mentioned you'd be hunting them down with your camera, I thought maybe they were albinos--but reading the link, I see they are not. Very cool squirrels!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'd never heard of a white squirrel before and you have found a whole herd of them (bad pun). The only squirrels I know about are the brown ones that live in the trees in my neighborhood. Looks like you had a fun time shooting them, though. Wow, I'm really full of it today!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Great pictures and such sweet creatures. I read the link about them since I was curious, especially since they didn't look albino (and aren't!).