Wednesday, May 23, 2012

enabler: noun

To enable the individual with the addiction, the mutually dependent person makes excuses and lies for the addict, which enables the addiction to continue.

I blame a lot of you WOYWW enablers for my latest shopping spree, almost every desk I visit has TH goodies spread about! It's all your fault! lol So this isn't a picture of my desk but my craft chair! I am hoping to be ready to play along with the monthly tags that I keep seeing on everyone's desks!

My card for the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol contest:
I love all the little beads I used to make up the watermelon! The little ant is a brad, but I did have to alter him to make him look like he was carrying the watermelon!

Bazzil Card stock
Eyelet Outlet brad
Mary's CARDZTV stamp set
TOHO beads
DMC floss
Really Reasonable Ribbon


And tune in tomorrow for a new week of Project Pinterest!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Holy cow. You really DID go out and buy a lot of TH goodies. That is one bug I've never caught. Lovely card, though, since you make so many of them.

I was visiting one of the WOYWWers when I saw Julia had already posted. So here I am late this week. Happy WOYWW from #9.

Lisa said...

Lots of fantastic goodies and also a melt pot!! can't wait to see what you create with that either!! ooh and a little tip maybe, whatever you do don't touch the hot utee!!! :o it really hurts!! and keep a bottle of lavender oil nearby just in case you do ;-)
Lisa #16

BJ said...

I suddenly woke at quarter to six thinking it was 9 0'clock! But when I came to my senses I jumped out of bed to post my link! Loving the card - how on earth did you stick all those beads on? And YAY a Timmy follower, looking forward to your endeavours in the TH department, even I don't have a melt pot!! BJ #24

Inkypinkycraft said...

Wow have fun with your new goodies, the watermelon bead piece is fun!hugs trace. X35

okienurse said...

Awesome lot of Tim Holtz goodies there. I still haven't broken down and bought the melting pot but thinking seriously about it after my class last Saturday. It would have made life easier. Love the watermelon/ant cute! Thanks for sharing. Vickie @28

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...thats a healthy amount of new stash on your chair Sandee t'will keep you going for a wee while & loVe your watermelon card all those beads! and a steady hand...thanks for sharing...Mel :) #21

Tuire Flemming said...

Enjoy your shoppings :)
That watermelon is fab! Love it!
Happy WOYWW!
Tuire #34

sandra de said...

I drool over the TH stash and love the previous suggestion about the lavender oil for burns.
Sandra @41

Anonymous said...

LOVE that beaded water melon! I love beads/beading.
Just look at that FAB' T.H. Goodies!! I'm jealous!!Good on you! Have fun!!

May said...

WOW!!! You are going to have sooooo much fun Sandee with those new goodies.. Looking foward to your tags and creations.. Enjoy!! Hugs May x x x#30

Hettie said...

Isn't having new goodies good for the soul? Loving your card there Sandee! Waving from the Brecon Beacons! Hettie #46

AerynK Designs said...

Love the card! very cute!
Aeryn @ #29

Helen said...

Hope you enjoy your new toys!
Your beadwork is fabulous!!Have a great day, Helen #17

akilli melek said...

we call it Tim Appreciation, lol. You will have such a lot of fun with your new stash.
Just love that watermelon card.
caroline #31

Neesie said...

I have no clue what you'll do with all that stuff but will watch with interest.
Love the ant ~ what a hero carrying that Watermelon! I love the sentiment too. ;D
I won't ask how you put all those beads on...I can guess. You have such patience Sandee.
Have fun with WOYWW and thanks for stopping by my place ~ Neesie #11

Virginia said...

The spending spree looks fun and that water melon looks good enough to eat! Hope you have fun with your new crafty purchases!

Neil said...

Hi there, just popping in to visit for WOYWW. It's lovely to see so many creative spaces! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us curious folk! I hope you have a good week. I've recently got a melt pot too. You'll have fun with it! I think your card is just fab!
Neil #70

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Great card and a great message too - you CAN achieve anything if you believe in yourself :) I need to take that on board at the moment!
Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

CraftygasheadZo said...

Lol new goodies are something that happens! I agree looking at desks has a way of making you NEED things! Take care on this wonderful sunny WOYWW day. Zo xx 78

Ann B said...

Good to see someone else enjoying a good spend. I haven't used my melt -pot for a while now but I do like to swirly different colours of EP in it - makes a great marbling look.
Adore your ant and watermelon card - very clever.

Ann B

Eliza said...

Be careful with the melting pot you can burn yourself really easy.

Thanks for sharing your desk
Eliza #49

Redanne said...

Now I know you blame me for the melt pot but that's not fair as I do my enamelling with little tin pie dishes - so there! LOL. Love all your new goodies Sandee, you are worth it, just don't buy any more this week and things will even out.............ha ha.

Anne x #18

Spyder said...

oho This is so clever, of to get some of those tiny glass beads!!
Lovely and sunny here today off out in the garden very soon! Have a crafty week! HAPPY WOYWW

Bridget Larsen said...

That is an awesome card, very clever, may have to case it
Bridget #12

Anonymous said...

loving your desk, so full of amazing goodies. and the watermelon - adorable. I used to love making "beadlings" but not so much anymore. I do have a fab mermaid that I can't bear to use on a project, it's soo cute as it is. Maybe one day.


Mary Anne (1)

Jacqueline said...

Once you get playing with your meltpot you will NEVER look back!! It has endless possibilites!


Jackie #98

enthusiastically, dawn said...

Love that card!

Sandy said...

Oh look Timmy goodies don't ya just love it. Sandy :) #92

kassa said...

You look like your going to be busy later! Your watermelon card is awesome - really clever idea. And I'm lovin the tiny ant too.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh my goodness that watermelon is beautiful! great job

Unknown said...

Oh, the TH bug can become serious and very quickly too.... :) #116

Craftymoose Crafts said...

This is the coolest card--so cute and good enough to eat. Your chair full of goodies looks like mine after a shopping trip--just different stuff!

I went back & read your first post--you are right, you are much better at ranting, LOL! At least I was able to get my blog back.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the TH addiction begins! That is one incredibly amazing card!

Brenda 123

MvM-design said...

Lovely goodies!!
Happy WOYWW Wednesday!!
Quickly to the next desk ;-)
Hugs Marleen #19

Unknown said...

Love the ant. This is such a clevere card and perfect for the challenge!

Glenda said...

Oh my goodness at all the goodies you have there girl! Can't wait to see what you do with the melting pot! Thanks for sharing...#113

Unknown said...

I must be the odd one out, I don't own even one TH product! Love the beady card, how do you get the beads to stay on? Happy WOYWW #60

famfa said...

Wow, all those beads. That must have taken you ages. It is fabulous
Famfa x

Laura said...

I've not caught the TH bug but you're right, just about every desk had something TH on.
That card is amazing!! Please, where did you get the ant brad from?
Laura 138

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

I love watermelon!!! I can see how much that little ant loves it too. Like you (before your shopping spree) I don't have many TH products. I do have some of his stamp sets and a couple of the distress inks - oh but he is popular among the WOYWWers.

I'm not too sure about the new google. I did see where I can schedule a post - will try that next Wednesday.

Kay #141

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sandee, I'd say that you have all the TH basics on your chair and expect you would have bought them without your enablers' help :) I call the EM my enabler because he just lets me get on with crafting, ignores all the little parcels the postie brings and builds more shelves to accommodate the contents ... the perfect enabler :) Love the idea of an ant carrying a watermelon - the beads are terrific too. Hope you are having a great WOYWW, waving hi from the west coast of Scotland :) Elizabeth x #127

April said...

Wow! lots of Timmy goodies! have fun with those. Loving the watermelon card! I too love how you made the melon out of all those tiny beads! and cute ant too :o) x April #97

Unknown said...

Your card is so beautiful and I imagine you are a very patience person to create that kind of work. Just beautiful!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Awesome watermelon...cute little ant too. I would love to know how the Distress Markers work, haven't seen them around here yet. Thanks for stopping by..Happy WOYWW

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I totally agree with you! WOYWW is so bad for the wallet and YES! Everyone has Tim stuff on their desk. Even me! It is tucked up in one of my cubbies, but I have several distress ink inkpads. I want get the tool you have at the bottom of your picture (blending tool I think its call and the two things to the upper right of that and some sort of spray. I just love the Tim look and feel left out every WOYWW. Love the beaded watermelon!!! Are those real watermelon seeds in it??!!? Cute little ant too. Great card!!!!!!!

Bernice said...

Your watermelon looks fantastic - what a lot of little beads!
Bernice (#82)

Donna said...

Love all the great Tim Holtz goodies. I also really like your cute card.
Donna #20

Tertia said...

I must admit, I love Tim's style, but I don't like to do it myself. It always looks kinda lame! I LOVE the watermelon card.

KatzElbows said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and saying such nice things about my art. Seeing your blog title made me homesick, even though I used to live in NYC, not anywhere near North Carolina!

You're going to love the melt pot. Although you may need a second one that you use for clear only. You never get them totally clean, so it really is worth having 2. Sorry to enable more!


kay said...

wicked beaded melon and that ant made me smile,enjoy your new goodies
have a fab woyww
kay #33

fairy thoughts said...

hey what a lot of stash, yep we all love Tim, but it is great stuff, looking forward to seeing some grungy makes next week, are you joining in with the ATC swop?
janet #47

VonnyK said...

That card is gorgeous, I really love it. You sure did buy some stash, that's huge.
Looking forward to our swap next week.
Have a great week.
Von #22

Katie said...

I love that card! It is amazing!

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a fabulous card!!! I love how you used the beads on it!

Enjoy all your new goodies! Good Mail is the bestest!

Jeannie #75

Polly Polkadot said...

don't keep looking at Hettiecraftz blog ... I always want to buy things after I visit there. And she will insist on telling me what shop to go to too! #108

Sarah said...

I think we are facilitators too! Enjoy those goodies - the pot is great! Thanks so much for calling by - enjoy your weekend! Sarah.

Sarah said...

Enjoy all your new goodies - the melting pot is a fabulous thing! Thanks so much for calling by - enjoy your weekend! Sarah.

Valerie said...

I love your post! Especially the way you started with the word enabler! Enjoy those goodies. Your card is adorable!

Kathryn said...

I'm late visiting (big surprise). Very cute card! I love the dimensional elements!
You do a lot of posting I see so, I'm going to go get caught up with you now. Looks like you had a great weekend!
See ya soon!!!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is inspirational to me, my mind is whirring now. The watermelon is just incredible!
I love to see a pile of goodies like that, but wouldn't know what to do with those particular ones - yet ;)
Thank you for your comments :0)