Saturday, September 22, 2012

fray: verb

to wear or cause to wear away into tatters or loose threads, esp at an edge or end
I just love this poem!
pattern paper and stickers - Best Creations
 I usually add a small line of glue to the ends of ribbons that I cut and that fray, but this time I added a dusting of some Martha Stewart glitter to the wet glue and I must say I like the effect. Although I might use my stickles next time though, a lot less messy! The sticker heart is lifted up with Helmar's Liquid Scrapdots.

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May said...

This is fun Sandee, love that poem so funny! great colours & I too love the edge of the ribbon glittered..Fabulous design.. Hugs May x x x

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, sorry I have missed a couple of your posts but love this one, great idea for the ribbon and that turkey in the previous post really made me laugh - thank you. Much improved now, thank you for your kind wishes. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Kristin said...

Oooh, I'm loving your Holiday cards - and the Turkey in your post below is sooo cute! You've been busy - and of course anything with MS glitter has got my heart ;) Thanks for your visits, they mean a lot, xoxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure how I missed this one, but it is sweet as well as humorous. I actually prefer a few lumps in my mashed potatoes. That way people know they came from REAL potatoes and not out of a box!

BTW, you just proved to me that wide ribbon DOES work on cards. I have given all my autumn wide ribbon away to my friend Kathy, because I couldn't figure a way to incorporate it in my cards, or my art. Go figure!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,
What a great idea! I don't like the ribbon fraying at the ends either. Oh, and do love the poem!!

tee hee


Katie said...

I really like this poem that you chose. The glitter on the ribbon is very cute. I like how un-messy stickles re, but sometimes I just help but use loose glitter!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Great poem! I like the glitter glue on the ends of the ribbon. It gives it a neat touch. Sparkles might be less messy but I'm not sure it would look as neat.