Tuesday, September 11, 2012

tone-death: adjective

unable to distinguish subtle differences in musical pitch
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Question from PDE: Do you play an instrument or wish you did?

Regardless of what I wanted, my parents made me learn how to play the piano.
When I was in elementary school, I wanted to play the cello. When I was in High School I wanted to play a guitar. In college I wanted to be able to sing.  I soon learned I wasn't one of those musical people...maybe even a little tone-death. However, I have since learned the joy of a car radio and singing as loud and as off key as I want!
....the key to artful singing is to just make sure the windows to the car are closed!

 Again, I used the wax paper left over from my spray box, I just love the patterns. I couldn't achieve it on my own if I tried! I did have enough of it left over to make another heart and then stitched around it. I also took apart a pair of sandals and used the strap, beads and the rhinestones
 on this piece. I love recycling!
 One of the sandals that I recycled...long live my favorite pair of sandals, may they embellish many a future project! I will miss them....so hard to let go, lol

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Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, what a beautiful hanging and a lovely way to treasure your favourite sandals forever! Do you know, for years, I have been saying 'tone deaf', I never knew I was wrong..........Crafty hugs, Anne x

Tracey FK said...

This is lovely and who cares if you can't sing you make beautiful work and that is the most important thing... I must admit to being gloriously bad at singing... not that that stops me... windows closed or not...xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've heard of pregnant and bare-foot, but . . . .

Were you strapped for embellishments?

OK, enough of the puns. I love this, with the wax paper. You are right that we can NEVER achieve this look if we tried. My monthly calendar background is the same way. When I had extra paint, a stamp I wanted to clean, or a color mist I needed a backdrop for (I don't have a paint box like you have), I would grab that book. Some of the weirdest color combinations and backgrounds came out of it.

BTW, you asked about the museum a few days ago. NO, this is a different museum, one that lets you take lots and lots of photos and no one follows you around.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

very very cool!!

Rita said...

Here I always thought it was tone deaf.
I tried to play clarinet in grade school, but I was not musically gifted with my hands and it was a terrible struggle. They tested the whole grade school that year and I was one of two people who was supposed to have perfect pitch (and why they forced me to play in band and chose my instrument for me). I can sing on key, but didn't like choir, either. Just wasn't one for group activities in general and would rather be in the fields or down by the lake with my dog. To this day I'd rather sing in the car--with the windows rolled up--and I am slowly losing my hearing, anyways. ;)

Bonnie Irvine said...

Very cool hanging. Love the use of the wax paper and that sandal strap is brilliant. The stitching around the heart is a sweet detail. Thanks for joining us at Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent this month. I hope we see you again soon.

Kira - oopsicraftmypants.com said...

This is gorgeous and I l0ove the quote! I'll tell you a secret: I have had my old pair of favorite sandals that broke hidden in my yarn bin for a few years, in case I can use the straps on something...eventually... Glad to know I'm not the only one! Haha! Your sandal strap looks great on this piece.

Terrie said...

Love this hanging! The sentiment is great, but mostly I love the clever recycling you used and the way the hard leather contrasts with the soft colors. Really, it's one of my fave pieces of yours (and I like a lot of them!). Is it headed to your shop?

Kim said...

You're singin' my song Sista! I was the only one in my class who wasn't allowed to play an instrument because I was tone-deaf. :) I got over it and I'm a fabulous singer in the car! It's a beautiful piece.

Mrs A. said...

Would have loved to learn the piano but was only given a recorder to play!
Love the bits of your sandal you have used. Was the sole/soul no good!!!!
Hugs Mrs A.

Katie said...

I am the same way with singing. I so want to be able to sing, but its just not the cards. All of my artistic ability went to crafting!

The new pastor at my school insists every teacher (and student, really) sing during school masses. He thinks if all the teachers sing, the kids will sing. So I sang, and the kid sitting next to me comes up to me in class after church and basically told me that he thinks its okay if I don't sing!

Claudia N. said...

Wow, sandee,

this hanging is absolutely brilliant!!!! Have to take a closer look - so many details and awesome textures to find!

die amelie x

Janis Lewis said...

How gorgeous! You are so smart. Love it. Thanks for playing with us at Pause Dream Enjoy Challenges. :) Janis

Olivia said...

Fantastic card with such great up cycle ideas! Love it all. Thanks for joining at PDE challenges.

Pat K said...

Fabulous art hanging Sandee and great use of the sandel strap. Thanks for joining us at Fab n Funky. xx

Lori said...

Wonderful - love the sentiment and embroidered heart! So glad you linked up at RRR!

Ellis said...

Amazing wall hanging, I like the recyled parts of the sandal, good idea! =) I agree, singing is best with windows closed! =)
Thanks for joining us at Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent!
Hugs, Elenor DT

Jeanne-Sylvie said...

I love your wall hanging and how each material brings a special touch to the composition.An awesome piece of art!Thanks for sharing.

The EmBellished Card - Belinda said...

Beautiful!! Very creative. Thanks for joining us @ PDEC.

Chris Stern / CS Designs said...

Sandee, Still love that wax paper and all the splatters. That sandal made my laugh. I bet you are going to have everyone looking through their closets for old shoes. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece on Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent.
:) Chris / CS Designs