Sunday, September 9, 2012

stalkerish: noun

Know what some one is doing,
when their home,
where they are,
But its not full out stalking so its stalkerish
Dear Donna,

I just want to say how sorry I was that I didn't get to meet you when I visited your store on Friday and wish I had planned on seeing if you would be there before I made the trip out...( but not in a stalkerish kind of way ), lol I didn't think the trip would be as worthwhile without meeting you, however I was wrong. The intent of my trip was to hand deliver my brush to your store, which I did and then I got to see the brushes that had arrived in that day's mail.
I got to wander around your store and talk to your wonderful Melissa. When I admitted to her that I had never tried Pan Pastels or Gelatos, she immediately and enthusiastically invited me into the classroom to try them out for myself.
She is very knowledgeable about the products and it was so much fun to sit and try out some products that I had only seen you playing with on your weekly videos, ( which I love watching and usually cannot wait for Wednesdays to come around so that I can see what you have created! )
I enjoyed walking around your studio just to see your art adorning the hallways...
 and especially enjoyed seeing the decorated bathrooms, that's a whole lot of push pins!
and of course, the popular brush bathroom! I had to ask Liz about her brush in particular ( the drip brush for those of you that don't know ) and to tell her how disappointed I was that she didn't have a blog as I had tried to find out how she created those drips! I never could replicate it and I tried!
I REALLY gave her a hard time about not having a blog, and was astounded that she doesn't see herself as creative! I think you have rubbed off on her more than she realizes, but please make her create a a job requirement! She did tell me how she made the brush though, and I appreciated that.  ( She needs to be out on the creative end, and a raise for just being such a good sport! )
And I LOVED her little peel off drips she created ( which I heard even fooled you! )...great detail!
And of course Melissa was quite the enabler and with her helping me out, I found lots of goodies to buy while I was there! ( She deserves a raise and a set of her own business cards! )
 You have a great store/studio Donna and the ladies who work with you are SUPERB!!
Hopefully my stalking skills will improve and will meet you one day ;)


Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, brilliant letter to the great lady herself, I hope you do send it in real life, her ladies in the shop might well benefit from your praise. I saw DD's latest entries of brushes on her blog this week - there really are some very talented folk out there! However, yours is still my favourite.... Sorry you did not get to see DD. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Shahrul Niza said...

Hi Sandee, It's fun reading your post today :). I don't blame you, she is an idol to a lot of people. These are amazing brushes, aren't they. What a sight. I wish i live closer so I get to stalk her too :).

Rita said...

Now that's a great employee! What a cute store...and how did she do the dripping paint? New toys to play with, too! What fun!! :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a wonderful place to pass time in and fabulous company to boot. Looking forward to seeing what you create with your new 'toys' :0)

Teresa Jaye said...

ooooooo, so jealous that you got to see DD's studio! Looks like lots of new goodies to play with too! My brush will go in the mail to her tomorrow. It's so fun to see them all - bet it was really great IRL!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

I enjoy watching Donna's videos too. How cool to go to her store but oh, to miss her. Yep, you need to improve your stalking skills! How fun. And look at all the new products you have - can't wait to see what you do with them.

Oh, and I'd love to come visit......


donnadowney said...

so so sorry i missed you on friday sandee!!when i came in later that day melissa and liz told me about your coming in and showed me your brush...spectacular!! the girls at the studio so enjoyed you, i am so sorry i missed getting to meet you (and showing you PanPastels). i promise to be there next time!!!!
thanks again sandee for making the treck down to the studio and making my girls feel so special!

Katie said...

This looks like such a wonderful place to visit!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I got sidetracked reading the wax paper tutorial, then found one from HER blog that showed the same thing using freezer paper (but a different technique). Thanks for sharing.

I so enjoyed the trip to Donna's studio. How lucky you live so close. And how lucky to get to play with all those products. Looks like you came away with quite the haul, too. BTW, I love those toilets.