Monday, September 10, 2012

hoopla: noun

Boisterous, jovial commotion or excitement.
It's that time of the month!!!
no, not that time, am soooooooooo glad I don't have to deal with mother nature's little gifts anymore...tmi?..sorry, ;0

First, let's announce our featured pinner
for the month of August:
Sarah from It' picked.....
It's time for Project Pinterest!!!! YAY!!!
As many of you know I have been uber busy with setting up my gallery space at the Art Mob Studios and Marketplace which has been doing very well, thank you very much! I'm so happy to have achieved this! But because I have been so busy I haven't taken pictures of things I have been creating through pinning so I am going to share some random pinning thoughts with you!
 I have many people that say they are too busy to pin, that it sucks up your time, etc. Well, I have to say they are not seeing pinning they way they should, after all it's like having a crafting, home interior, gardening, cooking and photography magazine all rolled up into one, plus it's free and no what could be better than that?
I have re-discovered little helpful hints and tips like pushing in the ends of your wax paper/aluminium foil boxes to keep the rolls in place. I think I knew about that a long time ago but seem to have forgotten about it...age, what can I say? ugh! Which I forgot to pin after I read about it..again...age, say no more, right?
Or a recipe that I tried out while I was on vacation and I was craving pizza. It's easy to follow the instructions and to make, and I am sure tastes better to those that love bread, but it was a little too much bread per ratio of meat and cheese for me. ( Pepperoni Roll Ups )  But how nice to have all those recipes stock piled on my computer instead of lugging magazines or cook books around with you? OK, so I'm willing to lug my laptop around, but then I AM addicted to the Internet ;)
Or the humor, it's like having the cartoon section at your fingertips at all times:
it's funny when it's not your dog or your pillow, huh?
Pinned Image
Or tons of quotes
 and sayings that I use to create my wall hangings:
And here is one for you ladies who are still going to resist the can find lots of free printables, like sheet music! Go here to download it!
Pinned Image
Now they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks....want to prove them wrong? I'd be happy to send you an invite to Pinterest if you want to check out what all the hoopla's about! And we want to hear and see what you pinned and what you did with it!
So let's start the linking, I can't wait to see what you'll do!
Here are the guidelines for Project Pinterest:
1. Decide which pin on Pinterest you’d like to recreate.
2. Create it!
3. Flop or success, create a blog post about your re-do and include the original pin’s url.
4. Add the Project Pinterest button to your post so others can join in too!
* From now on to be considered a "Featured Pinner" you need to add the Project Pinterest button to your blog please.
5. Link up and check out other bloggers’ posts!


BJ said...

I think you might have got me this time. I have had a look before but forgotten how, so could you send me an invite again. The aluminium box thingy - really must try that (oh heck off to kitchen NOW!) Yep our packs have the pushy-in parts but no indication on the packaging about them at all! I lost a whole roll not long ago as it decided to sprout wings and fly out of the box, so I am really happy to have found this out. Thanks Sandee, knew you'd cheer me up. BJ

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, many congratulations to the lovely Kay, a very worthy winner! Love the pic of the dog and the pizza rolls have made me hungry and it's anhour to lunch...... Great post today. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh my golly that photo with the dog is just priceless!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I promise not to say anything, but you DO realize you MUST have a facebook account to join. I can't understand why all that social media has to be all connected and such.

I liked the dog photo, but those pizza rolls looked disgusting. Of course, I loved your broom saying. Congrats go to Kay, too.

I'm off to check on all those posts I've missed while my computer is working.

Katie said...

I love Pinterest! I've even got my fiance to look at it to help me plan meals! Well, he goes just to my "in the kitchen" board, and only when I'm sitting next to him telling him to do it and pick a meal. But still, its fun! I love having so much right at my fingertips!

I need to try out those pizza rolls. I loooove bread, so I think I will love them!

505whimsygirl said...

Woo hoo! Thank you!!! I'm lovin' me some pinterest. Now I'm wondering - I came up with an idea based on a pin but it isn't exactly -- can I submit that?

The pizza rolls look yummy. There's only one place in town for pizza so I might have to try these for a party.