Saturday, June 30, 2012

relegated: transitive verb

demote somebody or something: to move somebody or something to a less important position, category, or status
It's 93 degrees out today and what do I just HAVE to do?
Well, since you asked, I just HAD to go out on my balcony and work on my clay pot. Yes, an indoor project would have been smarter! I know there are some of you that have gotten heat into the triple digits, I hope you are staying safe and "bless your hearts".
A great post for the Southern ladies and everyone should read it,
even if you're from the North,
bless your heart too!

We shall call this pot the "once a month pot", maybe by the end of summer I will be happy with it. :)

It started out as a plain, neglected and chipped pot. It did get an assortment of hens and chicks added to it that had to be relegated to a new pot by themselves. They are outgrowing this pot too!
On one of my Project Pinterest posts, I inked, painted, white washed and sanded it until it looked like this, and you can find that post here, with links to the orginial Pinterest project with a tutorial:
Now I am one of those people who don't like to rush a project, I want it to "speak to me" and sometimes you have to wait before they speak. I have waited a month and today it said, "Sandee, I want some butterflies on me. " and I did as instructed.
The butterflies come on a sheet like this:

 and you can go here to print out a sheet for you too! I got them from Donna Downey, who found them on Pinterest. ( I just love Pinterest! maybe I have mentioned that before? )

I tore out each butterfly and with a brush applied the Golden medium matte onto my pot. Face each butterfly face down and burnish, then peel back the butterfly. If you have any white paper left on, wait until it's dry and then lightly spritz with water and use your finger to gently rub it off. I also took a Prima script stamp, with the new Ranger's Mowed Grass distress ink, spritzed it lightly with water and randomly laid it across the pot.
So I've put it back into it's corner on the balcony to wait and see if it speaks to me again. I think it might be whispering ....mists...maybe it just wants to be watered ;)
Meanwhile I cut my first Zinnia's of the season because we had a strong wind breeze this morning that toppled them over, so what's a girl to do but cut and enjoy?
Being that June has 30 days means that today is the last day to link up with Project Pinterest. But never fear, we always have the 10th of each month to start over again!
I'll announce the Featured Pinterest gal on July 3rd, so make sure you check to see if it was you!


Terrie said...

Charming and so personalized. A great idea and I love pinterest too!

scrappymo! said...

It klooks lovely...the butterflies really finished it off!

CraftygasheadZo said...

Superb pot! Love it - that word relegated means doom for me, in football terms, because my team were relegated to the lowest league in English football, league 2. Let's hope Promotion will be one the cards this forth coming season! Zo xx

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, I think I may have mentioned before, once or twice, how much I adore butterflies and OMG I love what you have done to your pot with those fabuloso butterflies! It is gorgeous, going over to see if I can get a download too. You really have brightened up my day, my lovely friend! Crafty hugs, Anne x

Rita said...

I love what you did with your pot. It must speak loudly and clearly--hehe! Turned out beautifully, but it is too hot to be outside so I hope your next project is indoors. ;)

Connie said...

Your pot is lovely! You did a marvelous job. I'm a huge fan of hens and chickens, too. I love your humorous, definitions. If you don't mind, I'm just going to hit the follow button and start enjoying your blogging journey. Please accept my invitation to join me, too. Have a wonderful 4th of July, Connie :)

Connie said...

Hi Sandee, welcome . . . I'm happy that you like my bottle bags. Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July, Connie :)

Neet said...

That's such a pretty pot now - wouldn't last here in wet old England (at least the part where I live where it has rained more or less the whole of June). So glad you are able to do things like this for your balcony and love the photographs on the post below.
Hugs, Neet (thanks for the visit) xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

I love the added butterflies to the pot - very cool!!! Yes, I think I've heard you say before that you love pinterest. That's next - for me, still sitting in the a/c of Starbucks. One venti coffee down, one venti ice water down and now asking for a refill! tee hee