Thursday, June 14, 2012

naturalist: noun

a student of or expert in natural history, especially botany or zoology. The term is particularly used to describe a field biologist.


I am drawing in my journal a little bit for the Sketching and Drawing challenge over at the
Artist's Playroom this week.

For my drawing this week, I drew a large Nasturtium leaf. I didn't want to exaggerate the size of the leaf so I clipped one, bought it inside and traced the form...I know cheating, huh? But I wanted an actual size of the leaf and having that close gave me a chance to really look at the veining on the leaf. I used TH distress markers and pencils to color it in.

I thought I would press a Nasturtium flower into my book, and used a gel medium to fix it onto the page. Of course it faded right away, well, I added some alcohol inks to it and wow, that did a great job at mimicking the original color of the flower. I do wish I hadn't spread the gel medium out so far away from the flower though, oh well, live and learn!

As I was tearing through some magazines for Elizabeth's class over at the Altered Book Lover, I ran across this article of a couple who own a naturalist shop downtown and they are encouraging people to keep a nature journal, how cool was that? So I pasted the article on the back cover of my book so I will remember to go down there and check out their place, plus I might take my journal down there for them to see....should I?

As always, I hope that you Pinterest peeps out there are creating away, and I look forward to your linking up with Project Pinterest!


Rita said...

Alcohol ink on the flowers! Now, I never would have thought of that. Perfect solution. Great page.

That would be a hoot to show them themselves in your journal--LOL!! Cool!

Redanne said...

Those alcohol inks sure come in handy at times! Like the page Sandee. A x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You use AIs in the most unusual way. I can NEVER get them to work like you. Somehow you have the best luck with them. I get messes, instead.

YES, take your journal with you when you visit these people. If you get the feeling they don't want to visit or interact (you will know when you go in), you can keep the journal to yourself. Otherwise, it's a super conversation opener, although I have my doubts you have trouble starting conversations (grin).

Darla said...

Great work and a new use for inks. You are creative. I agree with the above comments, take the journal and share what you are doing.


Terrie said...

Thanks for the reminder to work on my APR task....and I have to come up with something for the mint/chocolate ice cream Summer of Color - maybe I can combine them? Hmmm

Anyway, I love your sketching and including an actual bloom - what a great idea! Everyone should have a nature journal!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Your nature journal is awesome! I'll bet it is fun to flip through and look over. Nature and I used to be best buds but now all I can say is Nature is a Mother. Or is that a Mutha? I'm allergic to everything. I need a plastic bubble, although I'd probably develop and allergy to plastic.

Alice said...

certainly you should take your nature journal - they would want to see it :) your work is beautiful!

Tracey FK said...

great nature journal... it is on my list of one day things ... just need extra hours in the day... in the mean time I can enjoy yours... I love nasturtiums... they are always so cheerful...xx

VonnyK said...

How clever is that journal. You inked that flower so well that it looks natural and the leaf is fabulous. I love the added words and the article from the mag really sets the whole thing off. I really love this and you should go an show them. They would be realy chuffed to think that you took the time to put them in your journal.

Jennifer McLean said...

I'm totally with Trace, I so would love to do a nature journal, in fact, I think you just inspired me!! I have a watercolor moleskine sitting and waiting to be used but I just didn't know what to do. It's now my nature and botanical art journal!! Thanks, you really helped, I've always loved drawing nature but wasn't sure what to do with that love.
(ps. your work looks so great! I'd totally grow nasturtiums but mine always get aphids, I hate that!!)

artangel said...

I love nature as a theme for drawing, and this is so lovely! Your journal looks amazing.

Ritu Dua said...

Absolutely love the leaf with all its veins waving hi!

Cynthia Patterson said...

Dido... to all the above....LOL...great journal page....I think that would be so kewl to do a nature journal....Hmmmmm.


minnemie said...

Seems like I always learn something new from you - gel medium and alcohol inks on flowers! Who knew! Need to try. what a fun journal you have.