Sunday, June 17, 2012

here's your sign: comic routine by Bill Engvall

signs for stupid people

OK, I am not stupid, only mildy obsessed with paint splatters! After an intense art session the other day I happen to see that my grunge scissors.... ( I call them that because they are used for distressing, popping tops off jars, cutting tree branches, that yes I keep small tree branches in my craft room, don't you?, and any other abuse that I wouldn't put my good scissors through )....have this glorious pattern on them...

now have I gone over the altered art edge, because this just makes me happy?
here's your sign:

and here's your sign on mixed media:

hee hee, enjoying my own sense of humor

As always, I hope that you Pinterest peeps out there are creating away, and I look forward to your linking up with Project Pinterest!


Rita said...

The scissors splatter that tickles you made me giggle. And I like the sign humor, too. Hope you had a happy day!! :)

505whimsygirl said...

Ha! My scissors aren't as happy as yours! If I had a dedicated craft room I'd probably have all kinds of stuff in there -- oh but you should see my closet!!!