Wednesday, June 27, 2012

precedent: adjective

happening before somebody or something else
It's WOYWW!! woo hoo!!
can we get a group hug here?
ok..who put their hand on my....hee hee....oh that was me!

Here is my desk, currently I'm working on a January submission project for Cricut Magazine so while the temperatures are suppose to be in the mid 90's this week, here I sit making snowflakes! lol Not much else is going on, deadline for this issue is the 29th so I am hoping to get in turned into the editors on time! Wish me luck, lol, seems like sitting out on my balcony or working in the garden are taking precedent these days!

I did however get a nice little prize in the mail this week, from the Frosted Designs blog hop, and Teresa Jaye got it out to me so quickly! Thank you TJ!
And a wonderful ATC from Bridget over at Photography and Me, who created this gorgeous leaf lady from a stamp, glimmer mist and glitter glue! So very pretty!


Don't forget to link up with Sarah and mine's Project Pinterest where everyone gets to see your creativity come alive!


Rita said...

Fun mail! Good luck with the submission...and staying cool. :)

RosA said...

Hi Sandee, Your desk looks very busy! Love the snowflakes, especially the small purple ones.
Happy WOYWW, RosA # 40

Inkypinkycraft said...

good luck with the piece! the atc looks great and so nice to get from friends aremt they!?
have a great week.
ps i have some nearly a year anniversary blog candy! trace x 58

Anonymous said...

Great desk. Funnily, my DD has a hankering to move back to the USA. She was searching for houses in Mooresville, where my Sis lives. I thought of you :)


Mary Anne (1)

CraftygasheadZo said...

Hope your admission goes well, sounds fun, snowflakes, very intriguing. Glad the weather is good over there, how about sending some this way? England seems to have forgotten it's supposed to be summer! Take care, enjoy this week's snooping extravaganza! Zo xx 74

Helen said...

Snowflakes in June.... have a good week and I hope they help cool you down... Helen, 26

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, lovely win you have there, some very nice things indeed. The snowflakes look lovely in their colours, never thought to do other than white, clever idea of yours. Nice to see your desk too. Happy WOYWW, Crafty hugs, Anne x #57

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Yay - wishing all the best with the submission *sending positive vibes* but the thought of making snowflakes right now gives me the twitches!!
Gorgeous ATC btw :)
Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

BJ said...

Snowflake heaven there Sandee. The ATC you received is cool and the prize too. Wish we could have sustained warmth here in the UK. Thanks for stopping by BJ#4

Anonymous said...

Lovely ATC and new stash. Good luck with the snowflakes,


Zoe #54

Roudi said...

Love what you got in the mail! Can you tell me more about that blog hop? As you know, summer is 3 days away and I'd finally be able to link up with all the amazing bloggers out there. :D Hip, hip, hooray!

lisa said...

Can we have some of that lovely warmth, Sandee, it's definitely not like Summer here in the UK!!!
Well done on your prize, it looks full of lovely things.
Hugs Lisax #98

Sheilagh said...

WoW you look busy there, does the thought of snowflakes make you feel cool in the heat? I guess

Thanks for sharing, that hug was something else xx

Sheilagh 104

Hazel said...

Congrats on winning that super prize. Love the ATC you received. Love all the inkyness on your desk. Thanks for letting us have a peep into your workspace today. Hope you have a good week. Hazel, WOYWW #27 x

sandra de said...

Best of luck with your submission. Lovely ATC from bridget.
Sandra @105

Eliza said...

Great mail and that ATC from Bridget is just devine, she is so tallented and an amazing woman.

Does making snowflakes in summer make you feel cooler, I do hope so LOL. Goodluck with the deadline.

Hope you have a happy, crafting week

Hugs Eliza

Lori said...

I am wishing you all the luck in the world with your submission. Yahoo, fingers crossed. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I often make Christmas cards in the middle of summer when it's really hot, helps my addled brain think it's cool again! Wow that's a stunning atc. My car is definitely tiny, we always say that we don't get in it but put it on! Hope you get the commission finished soon so you can spend time outside again.

Brenda 5

LiliansArt said...

love the mess.. i mean work in progress lol !

Mary Pat Siehl said...

lots going on on your desk! very fun!!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Congrats on the lovely goodies you received. Beautiful ATC. Waving back from wet/wet Florida. #118

mark gould said...

happy woyww, ill keep my fingers crossed for your dead line.
that skull is done, its in the post bellow woyww, i finished it just befor the woyww pic.
happy crafting, mark

kay said...

nothing wrong with snowflakes in june,its cold enough here at the moment,enjoy your prize
happy blogging
kay #69

Debs Willis said...

Joining in the group hug {{{ }}} Congrats on your lovely postal goody bag, isn;t it great when you get nice post??!

I;m working on Christmas submissions for Making Cards mag, so know what you mean, but it;s grey and not so great here ;-)

Waving hi from wet and grey Southampton

Debs #146

Janet said...

That reminds me I should really start my Christmas cards. I'd made most of them by this time last year!!


trisha too said...

Yep, we could use some snowflakes, here, too!

Happy WOYWW to you!
trisha too

fairy thoughts said...

Hi sandee
ahh I wish it were 90 degrees here it has been a horrible wet summer so far thankgoodness I had the week in Italy. your desk is very busy but not sure about playing with snow flakes in June!!
Rosie is much better thanks and had put on a lot of weight in the last couple of weeks. She went to stay with my daughter when we were away and had alot of fuss made of her. I dont think Amy and Matt wanted to give her bac.k

Hettie said...

Snowflakes!! Hee Hee! Glad I am not the only mad one! If you look back at my post on Monday you will see Christmas cards!! Only 6 months to go!
Hettie 149

My name is Cindy said...

Gosh how organised is that - snowflakes in June!! Waving right back at you from the Northala Hills in London (you can google it LOL) Cindy #14

Ali H said...

Hi if you have snowflakes to cool you down, here in the UK we need sunbeams to warm us up - totally miserable wet & chilly summer so far & this morning smelt Autumn in the air !! Hope you get your project in on time ! Good luck ! Ali #62

Spyder said...

ohoo fabulous ATC, very pretty. (I wish I'd done pretty now, instead of messy!) Bench (work beanch not sitting on bench!) has been taken down...hedges and lawns have been cut...but no glitter or bling ! All I have to do now it wake up early coz the 'men' are coming, very early!! Yay windows!! Thanks for my snoop!!!
Happy WOYWW!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Whoa. Leaf Lady's hair almost looks real. I like all her glitter. You won some great prizes there. Finish up with those snowflakes so you can play with them, would ya?! Then we can see what you make with them. Snowflakes sound good right about now. It suddenly got REALLY HOT in the office *fans self* or is it just me?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW. You have a lot going on. It's so cool there. If you want heat, come here. It's been over 100 F everyday for four days, now. And nothing under triple digits for the next week, either. So those snowflakes sound mighty tempting right about now.

Judys Lace Creations said...

Great goodies in the mail!

Lisa said...

Beautiful ATC. Have fun with the snowflakes and good luck with your submission.


Neesie said...

It's quite appropriate for me to be looking at snowflakes with it being mid winter here in Melbourne.
Although the sun has been shining beautifully today but its still cold.
Your desk looks so busy but lots of fun happening.
Congrats on your win and the ATC looks amazing.
Have a great WOYWW ~ Enjoy!
Neesie #39

HeARTworks said...

What a lovely ATC and a nice set of goodies too! Patsy from

Di said...

Hi Sandee, you're so right, I think I did get the best combination bling bin :) Hope you've been to Lunch Lady Jan's and entered into her blog candy draw to win one! Di xx

Belated Happy WOYWW - I'm late again :(

Glenda said...

Good luck with your submission! Sorry to be so late to visit! Glenda 103

Mari K. said...

Snowflakes sound pretty good right now! It's supposed to be in the 90's all week here. Madison has been running around saying "HOT HOT HOT!"

Darnell said...

I know what you mean about balancing the gardening and the crafting when it's so gorgeous outside! You really got some fab goodies! Thanks for coming by my place; have a great week! Darnell #55

~Tammy~ said...

Good luck with your submission! One of these days I will work up the courage and time to submit!

Neet said...

Hope the 'wintry' stamping cools you down a bit in those temperatures. It is the opposite here in England, wet and miserable - what a June we have had!
Lovely atc your showing us there and what fab blog hop goodies - hoping some of your luck rubs off on me.
Hugs, Neet xx

peggy aplSEEDS said...

congrats on your fab win! and hope you get to finish your submission in time. happy WOYWW!
thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Bernice said...

Oh I wish you could send your weather over here - snowflakes would actually be very appropriate - we've just had about everything else this week! Looks like an interesting project.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Sandee ah hoping the weather cooled down and you made your deadline okay love the pickies in your post above too!
Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #50

Shoshi said...

Great desk, Sandee, nice snowflakes!

After a week of solid, unavoidable rest, today I am starting to feel a lot better, thanks! It was all self-inflicted as I knew I'd suffer serious payback after overdoing it so much recently, but oh so worth while as I really enjoyed the craft show.

happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15

Whimcees said...


The snowflakes look like a fun project! So many interesting things on your workdesk! We are having very hot weather here in this part of WI - in the high 90's day after day and no rain. We had a heat index of 106 degrees on Thursday! Wishing you a happy and much cooler weekend!


Barbara Diane

Lisa Richards said...

Hey Sandee! Sending my portion of the group hug! I love your ever evolving clay pot! (Read your most recent post.) That's a good idea; revisiting artwork and adding new things! You mentioned on my blog that zentangles seem to be taking over. As I visit everyone's blogs it seems like ATC's and stamping are taking over! I guess we're all having lots of fun!
Have a wonderful WOYWW and please keep cool!

Morti said...

*shuffles in at the tail end of the week with a lame hug*...


Bit late, me...

Hope you got your submission in on time!

Thanks for stopping by.

Lavinia said... desk is no longer a virgin, ist been well & truly worked on & messed up & glued on & dropped food on but,.....I scrubbed it aferwards & Whoo hoo its looks new again now :) time! You post made me laugh so much I loved it! Your desk looks full of creativity & good stuff going on, I must get some of that going on too, inspiring!