Friday, June 22, 2012

solstice: noun

 either of the times when the Sun is farthest from the equator, on or about June 21 or December 21. The summer solstice falls in June in the northern hemisphere but in December in the southern hemisphere, and vice versa for the winter solstice.
I decided to spend summer solstice out at my favorite place, the Biltmore Estate. I was wondering what it would look like in the heat of summer and I was delighted by the show. This is going to be a 3 day post because it will be too picture heavy for one showing. I am starting at the beginning of my walk, which begins at the conservatory and moves up through the walled gardens. Tomorrow will be the Italian Garden which has all the water lilies!

Biltmore Estate has acres of formal and informal gardens, designed by America's foremost landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. Come stroll the gardens with me :)

The lower terrace of the walled garden is all roses. This first one was by far the most fragrant. It was pure heaven.
 hmmm..need to remember to get my toes out of the picture :)
 You will see more insects in my pictures, I was really enjoying including them. This little honey bee was head first into this rose, I think he was enjoying the flowers as much as I was!
Next level up is a little bit of everything. I was very happy to see such a wide variety of flowers!
 Here is a little lightning bug/firefly enjoying a double ruffled lily.
 I have no idea what this plant is, but I was uber fascinated with it. I had to reach out and touch it's lovely purple flower stalk, it was softer than I thought it would be.
Up another flight of stairs and beginning my winding walk up through the shrub garden , which begins by walking under this Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar which evidently originates from Algeria, Morocco.
A backward glance at the walled gardens that I just left...see how far I have travelled already?
Tomorrow, pictures of the water lilies! I hope you come back and join me :)


Rita said...

What beautiful flowers! I wish I could smell them--ahhh! Great photos--toes and all. ;)

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...beautiful piccy's Sandee such gorgeous flowers and beautiful shades...a loVely place to visit you had loVely weather too...Mel :)

LiliansArt said...

I have never been. Cant wait to see more tomorrow

Maureen Hayes said...

I adore taking photos of flowers, and these are wonderful! I wish I had moved to western NC, I might still be there. As it is, I have to settle for living vicariously through you. Thank you for sharing your trip to Biltmore, I eagerly await the next installment!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

simply beautiful flowers

Redanne said...

What a beautiful place, fantastic photos, like your pink toes too. A x

Dawn said...

What gorgeous pictures Sandee, thanks for sharing them, they have really made me smile on this chilly and windy Cornish evening.
Hugs, Dawn x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I seem to be playing catch up here. I had NO idea I had missed three posts in the time it took me to put ONE together. Seems I should opt for shorter posts (grin).

I'm off with you on your walkabout. It is already a lot of fun and your camera is so great to take photos that one can actually recognize.

Terrie said...

wow - these are some gorgeous photos...lucky you to get to see all those flowers in person.