Monday, June 11, 2012

Brown Thrasher: noun

The Brown Thrasher is quite chatty. It's able to imitate the songs of other birds, just like a Mockingbird. 
I did not know that. Had to go find his call, you can listen to it here.

Did a little weeding out in the common area on Saturday and this immature Brown Thrasher seemed to be appreciative of the newly churned up dirt. :) He doesn't look like he has any eyes but he was busy foraging in the leaves and his face blurred a bit.
A little better picture ( considering I'm up on my balcony ) of him amongst all the creeping Charlie that I AM going to eradicate this summer!

and here are my pages for my Mermaid AB, that I am doing via Elizabeth's class over at Altered Book Lover. Lesson 9 was on making your own backgrounds.

While I feel somewhat comfortable making my own backgrounds, the purpose of this class for me is to stretch myself, to learn something new, so I was happy to try out this technique. Cling Wrap Backgrounds was a lot of fun to play around with. It was so much fun that I did 3 layers of it on this page, the first one in light blue, then dark blue and then back to light blue acrylic paint. I did pull up the cling wrap too early and yep, Elizabeth did not exaggerate when she said it would pull up the paint from your book! But that just created more texture in turn, so it's all good! Of course I added a healthy dose of paint splatters, drips and doodles to finish her off. I also learned that Sakura Glaze pens holds up well to water spritzing, my metallic pens do not! lol
I also created a little mini background by applying a layer of acrylic paint and then dropping Alcohol Inks onto, I love the way they spread out on their own.
And now I hope you will excuse me, it's lunch time and I am going to go make myself a big fat juicy tomato sandwich with Miracle Whip, nothing says summer like tomatoes! But before I leave ya I want to remind you to link up your Project Pinterest Project here, you have a whole month to play along with us ;)
Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...loVely photo's Sandee these little garden birds bring such joy...Mel :)

505whimsygirl said...

What a sweet little bird. Your common area looks very pleasant. I love your AB page! That fish just blows my mind.

Had computer issues over the weekend so (at work) am trying to catch up.... shhhhhh


Princess Judy Palmer said...

Your brown thrasher truly looks like he has no eyes. The cat was outside in his tent enjoying life until there was this crazy bird call over and over. It was making the cat agitated and he wanted in. I knew I knew the bird but couldn't place it. Later I remembered it was a peacock! Who the heck has a peacock in the 'hood?! Whatever. The cat wasn't going to tangle with him. There was nesting hummingbird in the yard previous who would screech at the cat, but they learned to ignore each other.

BJ said...

Cool background Sandee, so much more adventurous than me. Didn't see this earlier, did you sneak it onto your bird post later or did I miss it earlier? BJ

~Tammy~ said...

This is cool!

Rita said...

What a handsome little bird. I didn't know they'd imitate other birds. Smart, too. :)

I love what you did on this page spread. I have only used the saran wrap with watercolor paints. I will have to try it on acrylics. I need to just get brave and jump in. ;) Love your quote, too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

First, I love tomatoes, but Miracle Whip makes me gag. I can taste the grease and slime (grin).

Second, I am impressed with how you used the AIs. I've never used them with anything other than metal before, so yours and Elle's examples are blowing me away.

Yep, I wasn't exaggerating about the still wet paint. I even have the "scars" to prove it (grin).

Other than the Thrasher, what is the plant in the first photo? It looks like a hosta. There are so many varieties, but it still looks like one variety I have in my front yard.

Lovely use of backgrounds. Just perfect for your theme, too.

Dawn said...

Love the background Sandee, so colourful and true to your theme, bet you had fun playing with it. I adore your fish my lovely, was this done with the Sakura Glaze pens? Have been tempted to try them too but need to save some pennies first lol, are they worth getting??
Hugs from a very wet and thundery Cornwall x x x x

Terrie said...

I didn't realize how far behind I'd fallen in reading your posts - I thought I was current! Anyway, love your AB pages (I'm also behind in those since I was working on my ALAW display) and Elizabeth gave so many technique ideas, it's hard to choose. You chose perfectly for an effect to look like water - lookin' good!

Susan said...

I love your page, it turned out so wonderfull and colorful. I really have to use more paint splatters and drips. It really looks great! I loved the Cling Wrap technique too. Too bad it has to dry for long

elle said...

I didn't do the cling wrap but yours is great. AND, I know the name now of that reddish brown bird. lol Thanks

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Not only is your background done so expertly...But I love your fish and the saying!!! I'm trying to catch up with as many AB posts as I can!