Monday, July 11, 2016

stamps, gel prints and doodles...oh my!

Look at this background on the envelope art. Wowzers, thats really cool and a bit scary! LOVE my 5x7" Gel Press® plate and distress paints, I think I've said this a couple hundred times now but I am in serious infatuation with this combination!

And then there is the cartoonist in me ( that's what I wanted to become when I grew up, not a doctor, or an astronaut...a cartoonist! ) so I get my fix by drawing fun characters instead: using PITT pens, Paper Craft crayons, and Tombow markers. 

...or by adding small doodle people and stuff along with stamps like I did here with the Tumbleweed house stamp set.


Craftychris said...

So much gorgeousness today! You are so talented! xxx

Pam said...

Awesome!!!! Craftychris is right, you are so talented!

Vicki-Ann said...

You are on a roll with these cards and envelopes. I love seeing what the next one is going to be. I just bought some tombow markers and look forward to using them. I love the little characters that you are drawing. said...

You are totally on a roll.. each one if not just cute.. possibly cuter then the last!!