Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Now I know how it feels!

I am so excited! Not only did I receive my first piece of art mail, which is so CUTE but I also got a personal watercolor card designed just for me! My friend painted my little guinea pig Daisy Mae and she just made me smile from ear to ear!! It really does make your heart go pitter patter from the moment you get your mail out of the box and thumb through the bills to see something like this! Snail mail art really does make you feel special!

This is the card I am pulling out of my stash to create an envelope for today. I love that I used my hand made paper to stamp the sun, tree and bird on, it's a wonderful texture. I love making my own handmade paper with my Arnold Grummer Paper Making kits. The stamps are by Susan K. Weckesser and so is the background paper.

Here they are together as a set, hope it makes someone smile like I did today when I got my card from Jean!

Don't forget to send in your snail mail art for the show.