Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's never failure if you learn something

With all the new technology of today, the golden age of handwritten letters may be past.  But receiving a card is still a treat, and whether it's handwritten, printed, or typed, it's still the best thing to get in your mailbox at the end of the day.

Now there is a lot going on here ( in a behind the scenes sort of way )...I used hot colors to depict the sun and heat and cool colors for the effect the ice cream has. So the sun, sun spots and ground...all in hot colors. Even the ground is melting like ice cream would be doing on a hot day.
The little cow is all in cool colors due to his eating the ice cream and it's chilling him out and that is melting down to the ground and cooling off the area around him too. Just love the way that the H20's blend together and even mixed together to create the green.

I don't think we ever intend to make mistakes in order to learn something just the best of us! I failed miserably at a new technique I was trying which was stamping with my ColourArte H20's. I watched this video made by Leslie and thought I would give it a try but I set myself up for failure by using the wrong kind of stamp. However I did learn that by dipping a needle into the H20's I could draw the small lines that I needed to define and reline.

 And of course I had to create a little envelope art to go along with my card.

  Entering in ColourArte's monthly challenge - Sherbert

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Jean said...

You rocked it and learning is always good!