Tuesday, July 12, 2016

“There is nothing better than getting mail that isn’t junk.”

There's something so intimate about receiving a tangible letter or a card.

We keep letters and cards....we treasure them.
 Think about this:

Every single thing we say, think and feel, is being documented in social media with absolutely no foundation for preservation.  By choosing to put everything into text, email, Facebook, twitter, snap chat, etc… there will be absolutely no record of our relationships. No history of friendships, love, heartbreak, loss, gain....nothing to show for our lives or to tell the story to the next generations of our family. And that is a very sad thing.

Put pen to paper and tell someone how you feel about them. Spread love, encouragement, support and put some plain old good vibes out into the world.


mikosspot.blogspot.com said...

Love these!

Jean said...

You have been busy making cards! These are fun!